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This is the app to use for all Vanguard lovers and investors. Easily access and manage your Vanguard transactions here, check your balances, monitor performance, view account statements and messages, buy and sell funds, and generally stay informed using their portfolio analysis tools and other research resources. Requires you have an account set up with Vanguard, and offers Touch ID to iPhone users for even faster log-in. Vanguard is the leader (and originator!) of index funds. Founded by legendary investor, Jack Bogle. (And why Vanguard super fans are called "Bogleheads")
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"I've been using it since it first came out and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in deposits through it! I always deposit at least $5 everyday and try to deposit as much as I can."
"Well, this one is pretty straightforward: This app makes me money! I don't use things like Acorns as I prefer to move cash directly from my checking account and into my Vanguard investments. The app makes this all super-simple. The interface is basic, intuitive, and offers the basics necessary to make transfers and management of multiple accounts easy."
"Useful for checking account balances."
"The mobile app is pretty and user friendly. Easy to track my investments and performance on the go."
"Make me feel like a saver"
"Because most of my investments are there"
"Most investors tend to come to a realization at some point that Vanguard goes straight to the source, which keeps the fees as low as possible. This is where I have most of my investments."
"My go to app to check my accounts"
"Because I do all my investing there."
"Buggy but useful. Like the Vanguard website, the app is clunky and out of date. But it has been improving in recent months. The biggest problem for me has been logging in. It stumbles over that piece and sometimes I have to give it a few tries. But once I'm in, things are pretty nice. There's a customizable interface -- you can turn on/off elements to tailor the experience to show only things that you want to see. I can keep track of my Investment account, Traditional IRA, and Roth IRA here."
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