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An app that rounds up all your spare change and invests the money for you! Connect your accounts with them and they'll automatically start rounding up your transactions and dropping the difference into a pre-set portfolio of funds they help set up for you. Then just let it work its magic, or set up extra deposits to grow your wealth faster.
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"A great app that helps you dip your toes into investing without even missing any of your money. I'm all about apps that round up your spare change like Acorns does, and it's even better when it then takes that money and puts it directly into investment funds for you so it doesn't just get spent somewhere else! One of the best investing apps around in my opinion."
"The app makes it easy to save money while investing in ETFs. It provides a simulator for learning and projecting growth based on my current savings. In addition, when I signed up it was easy as pie. No complaints at all."
"I use my credit cards every day to earn miles and points towards my next vacation. With Acorns, my credit card transactions are rounded up to the next dollar and Acorns keeps a tally. When the amount exceeds $5, Acorns does a withdrawal from my checking account and invests the money for me. Because the amounts are so small, I barely notice them. Yet, I've been able to save over $1500 since I started using Acorns."
"Because I always wanted an app (ever since I could use a debit card) that would round your money and put it into some type of savings. It's even better, they invest it!"
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