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A fun app that automatically helps you save money by setting goals and applying "rules." Some of these rules include the Round-Up Rule (rounds up transactions to $1.00 and saves the spare change for you), the Guilty Pleasure Rule (save anytime you spend on a guilty pleasure!), the Spend Less Rule, Set It And Forget It Rule, 52-Week Challenge Rule, and the Freelancer Rule. Qapital also links up to IFTTT ("If This, Then That") for further customization.
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"I love saving money! It is simple and easy to use and has become a great tool for saving a little bit of extra money."
"It lets you set really fun rules for saving. I think my favorite is the guilty pleasure rule, when I spend money on iTunes or Dominos it automatically saves a set amount I decided on. It also allows you to automate the 52-week savings challenge. It just makes building savings fun."
"Makes saving very, very easy. Plus they offer zero fees and quick withdrawals."
"For the fun and unique ways it helps to save money."
"I love the many features it has. It's not just a round up spare change app but it also let's you create goals for saving"
"Aggressive (but easily customizable) automated savings!"
"Making saving fun is a hard thing to do for most people, but with Qapital you can save towards goals that really matter to you very easily!"
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