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Early Retirement
Financial independence, DGI, Dividend Growth Investment, dividends, REITs, Personal economy, freedom
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Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
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Venture Capitalist
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I continue to find value in the energy sector and thus bought another 73 stocks of Equinor today. In total, I now own 273 stocks in Equinor as we speak. The energy yield is all-time high, and both oil production and natural gas production is going upwards. Equinor’s attractive free cash […] The post Purchasing more Equinor appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Dec 23 2019 @ 7:10 AM
For more than a year been investing in the new fixed income class called “crowdlending”, and it has boosted my income by $1100 per year. Read this article to learn about crowdlending as an asset class, and if it fits your investment strategy. The post How I Use Crowdlending to Grow My Passive Income  appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Dec 19 2019 @ 8:04 AM
I’ve always thought that investing with a long-term mindset in funds has been one of the most challenging ways to accumulate wealth. Not because it’s complicated… You just buy a global index ($VTI) at a low cost and you are pretty much good to go. The goal of indexing? No, […] The post The Expenditure Fund Rule – Getting Income from Dividend Accumulative Funds appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Nov 13 2019 @ 6:29 PM
2019 has been a pretty rough year in the market with benefactors such as tweetstorms from Trump, decreasing global industrial production and manufacturing numbers, and escalating conflicts between the west and the east. Economists believe that 2020 will be the most volatile year in the stock market history, and we are late in the business cycle. What to do? Which income producing asset should you buy? The post Income Producing ...
Posted: Oct 16 2019 @ 11:08 AM
This post highlights safe and reliable high-quality firms with growing cash flows and solid dividend growth prospectives. The post The Best DGI Companies – Look At These If You Want To Build A High Quality DGI Portfolio appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Aug 23 2019 @ 1:23 PM
It’s in times like you notice if you’ve spent enough time reflecting on portfolio management. How did you feel when the DOW index fell ~780 points? Nervous? Did you feel the urge to swap one stock with another on “sale”? Did you extrapolate a negative scenario were all stocks plummet? […] The post How to do Portfolio Management as a Dividend Growth Investor appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Aug 06 2019 @ 3:40 PM
This post is so important. It’s written by the Reddit user JohnJerryson and you can read the full Reddit post here with comments. The posts show the importance of staying focused on what truly matters. It’s a good wakeup call for all of us. Enjoy. Today I Fucked Up. More like more […] The post Reddit Story – “Today I fucked Up. My regrets as a 46 year old, and advice to others ...
Posted: Jul 10 2019 @ 6:16 AM
Summary Passive income for 2019 so far is 20735 NOK or $2400 Dividend growth portfolio return this year: 12.69% Corporate bond portfolio returns this year: 10.60% ETF & Index Portfolio return this year: 11.93% Investment Guidelines Working in Silicon Valley for FinTech firm Guesting Pengepodden Living While Saving During the […] The post Passive Income Report from Silicon Valley appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Jul 08 2019 @ 8:10 PM
Think blogging is only good if you make some solid cash out of it? Think again. While there’s a lot of buzz going on around the passive income you can generate from a blog – the sky is the limit! – blogging is a great tool for dividend investors. I […] The post How to Start a Blog to Use as an Investment Diary  appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Jul 08 2019 @ 8:27 AM
“Rebalancing is the process of realigning the weightings of a portfolio of assets. Rebalancing involves periodically buying or selling assets in a portfolio to maintain an original desired level of asset allocation” Today, I sold some of my Kopparberg shares which I bought during the December crash and reallocated to Sampo Group. The […] The post Rebalancing: Sold some Kopparbergs and added more to Sampo Group appeared first on Stockles Blog. ...
Posted: Jul 08 2019 @ 6:33 AM


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