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Money-Smart Millennials
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millennial, budgeting, debt, credit card, entrepreneurship, savings, career
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Frederick , Maryland, United States
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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We are back at it; getting to know a millennial who has decided to go against the grain and pursue entrepreneurship. In our series, The Millennial Entrepreneur, I’ve taken you on several rides, learning the mindset of those who have started their businesses and made it happen successfully. Entrepreneurship is certainly not common, it is […] ...
Posted: Mar 19 2019 @ 4:45 AM
In our lifetime, making mistakes is unavoidable. Although the consequences of our mistakes can be hurtful, there are opportunities to grow and improve. As John Maxwell says, evaluated failures are sources of wisdom. However, it’s not always obvious when you’re making the right decision or when you are making a faux pas, especially if you […] ...
Posted: Mar 12 2019 @ 6:18 PM
Are you thinking about buying your first home? If so, you are certainly feeling excited about this new step in your life. I know because I was in your shoes not too long ago. But are you ready? A lot of people rush into buying their first property because they feel pressured to do so […] ...
Posted: Feb 26 2019 @ 6:29 PM
When it comes to finances, being stress free doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intentional work. One of the best approaches you can take is to try to improve the way in which you approach all things financial, if you are not currently satisfied. Think about any relationship, especially a romantic one. It gets better […] ...
Posted: Feb 23 2019 @ 5:09 PM
I was having a conversation with an acquaintance recently and they had given up hope that they could ever be in a better financial position. In fact, this person said that they would be broke for the remaining of their life. I was taken aback by those words; why would someone so young believe that […] ...
Posted: Feb 21 2019 @ 4:54 AM
When I published Money-Smart Millennials in 2016, many of my friends and readers started asking questions about investing. I must admit, I wasn’t an expert when it came to investments and I’m still not today. Many have tried investing in the stock market and other avenues such as real estate and as you’ve probably realized […] ...
Posted: Feb 14 2019 @ 8:34 PM
Every business owner and every company are looking for ways to save money. No matter what business you’re running, the more you save on your bottom line, the better off you’ll be. However, after the day-to-day activities have been audited, it isn’t always easy to think of creative ways to save your business money. The […] ...
Posted: Feb 13 2019 @ 6:10 PM
On December 31, 2018, Forbes.com published an article on the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. At the same time, people all over the world were setting goals, expectations and resolutions for 2019. It is now February 11 and we are 42 days into the new year. According to that article, less than 25% of people […] ...
Posted: Feb 11 2019 @ 5:00 AM
My goal through Money-Smart Millennials is to make you an expert at managing your money is tough. This includes budgeting, managing your income and expenses, being more aware of your cash flow and organizing your debt to pay it off. Other components of money management are investments and savings. You need to think about interest, […] ...
Posted: Feb 06 2019 @ 2:02 PM
Independence and autonomy are a crucial part of younger millennials’ lives, and the critical tool that they need to achieve this is usually their own car. However, when you are still in your late teens and even early twenties for some, vehicles are a costly expense and can be a massive drain on the finances […] ...
Posted: Feb 01 2019 @ 5:57 PM


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