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Tetovo, Macedonia
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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Often we live with a wish to have more or have something we can’t afford just because we saw it somewhere on TV. We strive to make better living wrong. All the time. I think to myself how wrong do we want the material things in our life' Striving to that finance utopia is something […] The post How To Change Your Mindset To Frugal Living appeared first on Finance Utopia. ...
Posted: Oct 17 2017 @ 4:12 PM
Taking personal finances seriously is the first thing that says you’ve become an adult. Mostly the part when you don’t have enough and you start finding ways to make more finances. Because when you search for ways, you make habits which then afterward you use it through your whole adult life. It takes time and […] The post Top Personal Finance Habits When You Become an Adult appeared first on Finance ...
Posted: Sep 28 2017 @ 5:55 PM
Getting to the years of retirement is somehow today not so easy. First you got to get through “all” of life’s challenges and then you got to think about your retirement. You would think that after decades of saving money for retirement, the hard part of investing would be over. Think again. Devising a plan […] The post Best Ways To Withdraw Retirement Funds appeared first on Finance Utopia. ...
Posted: Sep 04 2017 @ 7:21 PM
Today we are witnessing an era of rising currencies that can’t be “touched” physically. It messes with our minds how people make money of cryptocurrency. But, more or less we are all skeptical about those things. And in reality we don’t know them well, or we have not read anything about it. People tend to […] The post Now Is The Right Time To Invest In Cryptocurrency appeared first on Finance ...
Posted: Aug 23 2017 @ 11:07 PM
At some period of our lives we start to look at things little different than before. As soon as we start realizing that living frugally can bring us more joy in our lives as better for us. Living minimalist and getting through life with some “hacks” takes also big responsibility. It is easy to make […] The post Starting to live Frugally' Watch out for these mistakes! appeared first on Finance ...
Posted: Aug 16 2017 @ 9:55 PM
This is paid guest post submission from Ethan Rockford. If you own your own property, there’s a good chance that there are a few DIY or home improvement projects on your mind that you’d like to tackle as quickly as possible. After all, home improvement projects can be a great way to make your property a […] The post What are the Best Ways to Finance Your Home Improvement Projects' appeared first ...
Posted: Aug 16 2017 @ 7:47 PM
*This post is paid guest submission from Kim @ blueanchorseo.com These investment tips could make 2017 your best year ever   So far 2017 has been a great year for investors. The market in general, as represented by share indexes such as the S&P 500, is up strongly already and everything points to this proceeding unabated […] The post Reach Your Financial Utopia with Top Investing Tips for 2017 appeared first on ...
Posted: Aug 08 2017 @ 12:31 PM
To make a change in life and living is something that is hard as moving a big huge rock. We always tend to go the easier way or get all the things and never work with minimal things. Maybe it’s a fault of our parents, maybe it is ours. We won’t know until we try. […] The post Becoming a Minimalist: Do less, Buy Less, Live Longer appeared first on Finance ...
Posted: Aug 03 2017 @ 7:45 PM
More people are living longer – according to a fact sheet compiled by the Population Reference Bureau, the average life expectancy of boomers increased from 68 years to 79 years. This proves that mortality rates have decreased during the golden years. Additionally, the gender gap in life expectancy has narrowed. The number of years between […] The post Guest Post: How Living Longer Should Change the Way We Plan Our Retirement ...
Posted: Jul 31 2017 @ 1:49 PM
Given the recent global economic downturn and the difficulties that come with it – such as layoffs, which could result in several months of unemployment. A contingency fund can come in handy and is something that you will agree is worth the hard work and dedication it takes to build it. Without a moments notice, […] The post Guest Post: 7 Places to Keep Your Emergency Fund appeared first on Finance ...
Posted: Jul 20 2017 @ 3:07 PM


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