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This is going to read like a sponsored post. It’s not. Having personally tried several meal delivery services, I’ve had the best experience with Freshly. If my word is good enough for you, you can use my referral code to get $20 off each of your first two weeks. For what it’s worth, I only […] The post Freshly Is the Best Meal Delivery Service that Helped Me Save Money and ...
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Saundra Davis is the self-described Godmother of Financial Coaching, and I believe it. When we met for the second time–at FinCon Expo: Where Money and Media Meet–Saundra dropped a quote on me so powerfully insightful that I had to capture it in the appropriate Millennial art form. Yes, you already know I had to do […] The post Personal Finance Spotlight: The Godmother of Financial Coaching appeared first on Paychecks & ...
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April is National Financial Literacy Month. Just like you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to make a money resolution, you don’t have to wait until April to follow a 30-day plan to turn your finances around. You can find that exact 30-day plan at financialliteracymonth.com. For the past few years, Paychecks & […] The post 30 Money Tips I Learned During National Financial Literacy Month that Will Help ...
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In 2019, one in three Americans had nothing saved for retirement. Given one of our most popular posts is How Much You Should Have Saved by Age 35 to Retire Comfortably we will assume our readers are interested in the topic of saving for a financially secure retirement. For context, although I often see the […] The post If You’re the 1 in 3 With $0 Saved, Try These Financial Life ...
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According to the most recent Census data, the average person earns nearly $2.7 million over his or her lifetime. Yet, after 40+ years of work most Americans are still financially unprepared for retirement. Unless it’s by choice, I don’t want to work until I’m 67 years of age because of my finances and only enjoy […] The post I Made My First Million, and I’m Still Broke appeared first on Paychecks ...
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For all the get rich quick schemes and talk of Finance Independence / Retire Early (FIRE), most individuals will make the most consistent income from simply working their same old boring J-O-B. It is your responsibility to know how much salary you should ask for and expect from your employer. Should this information be more […] The post 7 Best Salary Negotiation Tools to Make You More Money appeared first on ...
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All Black History Month we highlighted young men and women of color making history in the present. Just in time for America Saves Week, Monday February 25 – March 3, 2019, we introduce you to Marsha Barnes. She is the founder behind The Finance Bar and a recognized Award Winning Best Money Expert, as seen […] The post Marsha Barnes Raises The Finance Bar With Each Stop on Her Tour appeared ...
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"This is one of the best, most informative personal finance web sites I've ever seen"

-- Daffy Duck, DaffyIsSoTaffy.com

"This guy clearly knows his shit; with every post, I feel like he's got my back as one of those "savers", and his web site is pretty damn cool, too"

-- Scuba Steve, MyScubaGearIsSoWet.com

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