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budgeting, adulting, personal finance, frugality, frugal living, credit, debt, spending, saving
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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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Lunch break, snack break, afternoon break: We’re all supposed to take them as part of our work day. But the reality of your office existence may be a lot different than the ideal. Meetings, deadlines, stress—they’re all causes for us to skip those breaks. Turns out, though, that skipping those breaks—the 10-minute reset and the […] The post Why You Should Take More Breaks at Work appeared first on Earn Spend ...
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The day our Book of the Month books come in to the office is hands-down our favorite day of the month here at Earn Spend Live! That being said, we’ve decided to take a break from filming our unboxings (you can check out past unboxing videos on our YouTube Channel) and review them here instead—for […] The post Book of the Month May 2018 Unboxing & Review appeared first on Earn ...
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Cybersecurity needs more women. Although research suggests that the percentage of women in the STEM field is increasing, women still make up a strikingly small percentage of the total cybersecurity workforce — 11 percent in total, according to the 2017 Women in Cybersecurity study. Additionally, those who do hold positions within the industry are less […] The post Female Cybersecurity Leaders: By the Numbers appeared first on Earn Spend Live. ...
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When I turned 25, I had the ultimate quarter-life crisis and basically set fire to everything in my life. I freaked tf out, ended my seven-year relationship, got a new place, chopped off my hair—the works. For the first time since I was 18 years old, I’m 100% on my own—and it’s the happiest I’ve […] The post 6 Things That Happen When You’re Single in Your Twenties appeared first on ...
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If you’re looking to advance in your career or even if you want to build a successful business, you’re going to need more than just passion. To truly become your own boss, you need to build a strong foundation of skills. I always tell young women to not underestimate the value of “boring” skill building. […] The post 5 Boring Skills You Need to Master to Be Your Own Boss appeared ...
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You don’t have to identify as LGBTQIA to be a part of positive social change. You can be a straight ally. The road to successful ally-dom is fraught with well-intentioned missteps, and this is far from a one-list-fits-all situation, but what can I say, it’s a start. Lesson #1? Being a good listener is the […] The post 11 Ways to Be a Better Ally to the LGBTQIA Community appeared first ...
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Recycling is one of the best ways to ensure the preservation of our environment, which provides us with the food and water that we need to survive (along with countless other essential materials). You’ve likely already been told why you should recycle. Because you’ve already been explained the benefits of recycling before, I really shouldn’t […] The post 5 Reasons You Should Recycle appeared first on Earn Spend Live. ...
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The transition from high school to college, in terms of academics, feels like being thrown into the pool—before you’ve learned to swim, without your floaties. If you weren’t used to studying in high school and just coasted through, generally speaking, college is going to be a real bitch. But it’s never too late to develop […] The post 5 Study Tips for College Students appeared first on Earn Spend Live. ...
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As the oldest of three, I am probably the most stereotypical Big Sister that ever existed. Overachiever' Check. Fiercely independent' Check. Bossy AF' Check. Being four and six years older, respectively, than my siblings, I also served as babysitter, homework-helper, advice-giver, and basically a third parent to my younger sister and brother. So, while I […] The post 18 Things Every 18-Year-Old Should Know How to Do appeared first on Earn ...
Posted: Mar 26 2018 @ 11:57 PM
I’ve got a theory: The “wrong side of the bed” is merely a state of awareness. It’s waking up with the realization that we’ve got lunches to pack, children to corral, hair and makeup to do, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, and our feet haven’t even touched the ground yet. Waking up with this […] The post 8 Habits You Can Cultivate to Make Your Life Easier appeared first on ...
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