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budgeting, adulting, personal finance, frugality, frugal living, credit, debt, spending, saving
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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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As college students, we’re (almost) all juggling student debt and running from adulthood, which is looming over our heads. Most of us wish we were back in middle school, where we didn’t have to worry about money and rarely about grades. But unfortunately, you can’t go back, only forward. So, as college kids, it’s important […] The post How to Save Money as a Student appeared first on Earn Spend Live. ...
Posted: Sep 01 2018 @ 1:20 AM
If you work in an office, chances are, it’s FREEZING COLD. Especially in the summer, when you’re wearing short sleeves so you don’t die in the 90-degree heat and the powers-that-be inevitably crank down the thermostat. When you pop your head over your cubicle wall and say “Wow, it’s cold in here” and then the […] The post The Office Survival Guide for Women Who are Always Cold appeared first on ...
Posted: Aug 08 2018 @ 3:56 PM
Sleep is extremely important, not just for our physical but also mental health. But, I know better than anyone how hard it can be to get that suggested eight hours of shut eye each night — I seriously can’t remember the last time I got more than six hours of sleep. For those of us […] The post 7 Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep Better appeared first on Earn Spend ...
Posted: Aug 07 2018 @ 9:00 AM
If you love books, you’re probably going to love Book of the Month, a monthly book subscription box that offers BOTM subscribers five carefully curated choices each month. You can choose one hardback book for $14.99 (which is a steal), add up to two more for $9.99 each (an even bigger steal), or skip the […] The post Book of the Month August 2018 Unboxing & Review appeared first on Earn ...
Posted: Aug 04 2018 @ 3:31 AM
Recently, I wrote an article for Earn Spend Live about some of my favorite places to travel for a girls’ trip. One of the places I included on my list was Disney World. Yes, Disney is a family destination, but it’s still a great place to visit—even if you aren’t traveling with anyone under the […] The post How to Do Disney as An Adult appeared first on Earn Spend Live. ...
Posted: Aug 01 2018 @ 9:00 AM
When you make the transition from attending college to working full-time, there are many changes that will happen in your life. There are going to be fewer late nights on weekdays, time (and money) spent building a new professional wardrobe, creating a new routine, and less time to spend socializing or pursuing hobbies. With all […] The post 8 Things That Could Be Keeping You Up at Night appeared first on ...
Posted: Jul 30 2018 @ 4:30 PM
Vase & Vine (originally Clarksville Florist), just opened up their second location in Little Rock, AR. Their Operations Manager, Gabrielle Schryver, has watched the company grow since she was 14 years old and had a major hand in the rebranding and expanding of the floral store. From watching her mother run her own business to […] The post Real Talk With Gabrielle Schryver, Operations Manager at Vase & Vine appeared first ...
Posted: Jul 25 2018 @ 4:24 PM
It was early 2017, I had now officially been in my forties for more than a year, and life was going along well enough. Good job. Fabulous husband. Great friends. Check, check, check. Let me tell you, I am one heck of a box checker. However, I had this nagging suspicion that I was somehow […] The post Why I Hired a Life Coach (and Why You Should, Too) appeared first ...
Posted: Jul 15 2018 @ 9:00 AM
Book of the Month is a monthly book subscription box that offers BOTM subscribers five selections to choose from each month. You can choose one hardback book for $14.99, add up to two more for $9.99 each, or skip the month altogether if nothing interests you. (If you don’t know, those are bargain prices.) The […] The post Book of the Month July 2018 Unboxing & Review appeared first on Earn ...
Posted: Jul 05 2018 @ 8:08 PM
The video game industry has constantly made innovations from better graphics to new storytelling methods that suck the player into their world. What the industry isn’t known for is diversity and representation, but that’s all changing thanks to a few developers. Unfortunately, the gaming community as a whole seems to dislike this idea. In fact, […] The post Newsflash: Toxicity and Sexism in Gaming Needs to Stop appeared first on Earn ...
Posted: Jun 26 2018 @ 6:31 PM


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