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One Cent at a Time
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personal finance, real estate, small business, productivity, investment, money, budgeting
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Coral Springs, Florida, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
IT / Software Manager
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Each year, more people are starting a side hustle to bolster their income to pay for their next vacation, get out of debt or pursue their goal of owning a business. I started with my blogging hustle out of a hobby. When the hobby stated giving monetary return I became more serious and more dedicated. […] The post How to Manage Your Side Hustle Finances appeared first on One Cent At ...
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While everyone wishes they had a perfect financial situation, this is unfortunately rarely the case. In fact, numbers show that well under 50% of Americans have enough in savings to cover even a $1,000 emergency. However, saving money isn’t the only financial issue that people experience. Many spend too much on things they don’t need or […] The post Underrated Tips to Improve Your Financial Health appeared first on One Cent At ...
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Working a full-time job provides a steady paycheck, but what do you do when that paycheck is lacking? In today’s gig economy, it’s easier than ever to find a side hustle that works for you. The best part-time ventures can be managed in your free time while providing the added income you need to pay […] The post 4 Great Side Hustles For Extra Cash appeared first on One Cent At ...
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When it comes to online currency trading, and indeed the global economy, few currencies are as significant as the US Dollar. Given this influential role then, it is of little surprise that the major focus of forex traders is within the USD markets. US Dollar currency pairs make up a huge proportion of all major […] The post How To Capitalize On Dollar Growth appeared first on One Cent At A ...
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It probably comes as no surprise to you that money problems are a significant point of contention in many relationships. In fact, along with sex and kids, it figures in the top three disputes most couples have in their relationships. You’d love to avoid fighting over money, but maybe you’re not quite sure how. One of you […] The post Eliminating Money Problems in Your Relationship appeared first on One Cent At A ...
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It never hurts to find ways to earn more money for the future. Check out these 8 investing tips for beginners and start bringing in more each year. The average American is saving less money than ever before. As a percentage of their income, it’s down to 2.4%. With such little capital to work with, many […] The post Start Earning More: 8 Investing Tips for Beginners appeared first on One Cent ...
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Budgeting might not sound like your idea of a fun time, but it’s a sound strategy for getting more out of your money. If you want to stop wasting your cash and start saving more for the things that matter, then budgeting is a great way to get started. The only trouble is that most […] The post 5 Insider Tips to Help with Your Budgeting appeared first on One Cent ...
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