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Financial Independence, finance, investing, savings rate, stock analysis, stock picks, side hustles, asset allocation, retirement strategies, benefits
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[This post about my flight home from Hawaii may contain affiliate links at no cost to you] I was up early and feeling like crap as I was dealing with a full blow cold here. That would make for a crappy flight home from Hawaii. At the very least, it hit me near the end […] The post Hawaii Diaries #16 – Flight Home From Hawaii appeared first on Time In ...
Posted: Jan 16 2019 @ 9:48 AM
[This portfolio review about 2018 portfolio returns may contain affiliate links at no cost to you] Welcome to the first portfolio review of 2019! The new year is always a good time to look back and see how I did in 2018. My 2018 portfolio returns looked good until about October when the market started […] The post Portfolio Review – January 2019 – 2018 Portfolio Returns appeared first on Time ...
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We were up early and eager to head over to Volcanoes National Park. The park and the volcano was the reason we actually came to the Big Island. Originally, the plan was to spend 10 days in Kauai then come to the Big Island to finish our trip. However, the active lava flows that started […] The post Hawaii Diaries #15 – Volcanoes National Park appeared first on Time In the ...
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Is 2018 the year I reach 10000 dollars in annual dividends? Can Steve work hard enough to make it happen? Will Timmy find his red ball that was taken by the big kids? Do dogs go to heaven? Tune in this month to find out! Well, at least you’ll find out one of those things. […] The post TITM Dividend Review – December 2018 – 10000 dollars in Annual Dividends? appeared ...
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We had a few hours to kill before our flight. We didn’t want to waste our final day in Maui so we decided to make some pit stops. First, after having a ton of shave ice on Kauai, we couldn’t leave without trying the best Maui Shave Ice. Ululani’s Shave Ice had a location right […] The post Hawaii Diaries #14 – Maui Shave Ice and Big Island Time appeared first ...
Posted: Jan 04 2019 @ 11:06 AM
You can call them resolutions or you can call them personal goals but the end result is the same; the hope of improvement in the new year. It’s 2019 and another year is in the books. It’s trite but right to say how fast time flies. I started the year engaged, content with my boring […] The post 5 Attainable Personal Goals for 2019 appeared first on Time In the Market. ...
Posted: Jan 02 2019 @ 9:34 AM
Haleakala A.K.A. Mars on earth was our destination for day 13. I call it Mars because it sure as hell doesn’t look or feel like Earth up there but I’ll let the pictures show that. Our initial plan to do the Road to Hana was squashed again as the long ride didn’t seem appealing given […] The post Hawaii Diaries #13 – Haleakala Crater appeared first on Time In the Market. ...
Posted: Dec 29 2018 @ 9:24 AM
Welcome to the second in an interview series about happiness. You can check out interview #1 for a breakdown of what this series is about but in simple terms, it’s about happiness and what it means to people.  Happiness can be complicated but it’s always something we’re looking to achieve. In addition, we all have […] The post What Makes You Happy Interview No.2 : 101 Ways To Find Happiness appeared ...
Posted: Dec 12 2018 @ 9:55 AM
[This portfolio review about negative stock returns may contain affiliate links at no cost to you] Negative stock returns and volatility are at the forefront of the conversation lately. At the time of the last update, the monthly return for the S&P 500 was -3.62%. This month, we see an even bigger drop with a […] The post Portfolio Review – December 2018 – Negative Stock Returns appeared first on Time ...
Posted: Dec 10 2018 @ 12:20 PM
Money market yields keep rising.  Cash isn’t something that we often consider when it comes to dividends. It’s just cash! It’s money that is on it’s way to being invested in stocks or bonds. However, it can add to your monthly dividends when money market yields start to increase. We’ve been stuck in a period […] The post Time in the Market Dividend Review – November 2018 – Money Market Yields ...
Posted: Dec 07 2018 @ 11:30 AM


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