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Time in the market
Financial Independence, finance, investing, savings rate, stock analysis, stock picks, side hustles, asset allocation, retirement strategies, benefits
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An insurance job is decent. It’s often low stress, steady and predictable. Sometimes, in rare spurts, it’s even interesting. However, most times, an insurance job is just plain boring. Hmm, maybe that just applies to most office jobs. I, like many Americans, sit in a cubicle all day. It’s a spacious cubicle so I’m lucky […] The post Career crossroads – my insurance job is boring appeared first on Time In ...
Posted: Jun 14 2018 @ 9:05 AM
[This portfolio review about buying bonds may contain affiliate links at no cost to you] The U.S. stock market has had a good year so far. Sure, there have been some dips like the ones in February and April but the results YTD are positive. On the flip side, bonds and international stocks haven’t been […] The post Portfolio Review – June 2018 – Buying Bonds and International Stocks appeared first ...
Posted: Jun 11 2018 @ 8:53 AM
Guys, it’s time to get healthy. This blog is about the journey towards early retirement but it’s also about the life you lead while getting there. After all, what good is retiring early if you’re out of shape and feeling crappy? The other day, my future wife popped the big question. She asked me if […] The post The 30 Day Plank Challenge appeared first on Time In the Market. ...
Posted: Jun 08 2018 @ 8:42 AM
It’s dividend update time! The summer months are near and the calendar has turned to a new month. That means it’s time to look back at May and see how things went on the dividend front. There has been a lot of talk about rising rates in recent months. One of the nice side effects […] The post Time in the Market Dividend Review – May 2018 – Money Market Yields ...
Posted: Jun 01 2018 @ 10:43 AM
I originally started this website with two intentions. The first was to track my spending and portfolio. In essence, it was to be a simple finance blog. The goal was to force myself to save more. In that regard, it has worked very well. The second goal was to become a better writer. What better […] The post My finance blog is changing a little bit appeared first on Time In ...
Posted: May 30 2018 @ 12:39 PM
Let’s Play that Golf Golf has always been a mystery to me. It’s a game that seemed inaccessible when I was growing up. You needed clubs, balls, special clothing and then you had to pay the course fees too. That’s a lot of cash to spend especially when you’re pretty poor. It seemed so much […] The post Golfing like a pro – trying golf for the first time in my ...
Posted: May 25 2018 @ 1:23 PM
[This savings rate report about my tax refund may contain affiliate links at no cost to you] I’m generally pretty lazy when it comes to taxes and always do them close to the deadline. Luckily, the government is an efficient machine and gets any money owed back to me pretty quickly. My goal is to owe $0 […] The post Time in the Market Savings Rate Report – April 2018 – My Tax ...
Posted: May 22 2018 @ 10:50 AM
Welcome to part two in my series of introductory posts. The first one was about my time in Poland and you can check it out here. If your goal is to know more about some random immigrant on the internet then start there. This second part is all about come over here and chasing that […] The post Coming to America in search of the American Dream appeared first on Time ...
Posted: May 17 2018 @ 10:53 AM
The stock market today is an interesting one. Investors have benefited from a nearly uninterrupted run up this decade. That’s why it almost seemed out of character to see the small stumble this year. The stock market can fall? What madness is this? January started off strong with the S&P 500 returning over 5%. However, […] The post Portfolio Review – May 2018 – the stock market today appeared first on ...
Posted: May 13 2018 @ 8:40 AM
I started this blog a while ago but I’ve never had a good introduction. In fact, my about page is really lacking. It’s time to fix that! What follows is the first of a few posts I’ll write to flesh out my about me page. It’ll be a proper introduction to the person behind the […] The post Lessons learned from growing up in Poland with a little side of communism ...
Posted: May 08 2018 @ 2:51 PM


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