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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Trigger warning: This post discusses feminine hygiene products. While I was in Florida, I made many Walmart trips. Because you always forget something. On one of these trips I was picking up razors. I was about to buy my regular brand when I thought I’d check out the guys’ razors. My finances could use some Continue Reading » The post My Financial Muse is a Razor appeared first on Femme Frugality. ...
Posted: Jan 21 2019 @ 6:01 AM
When I’m traveling, I’m not opposed to doing tourist-y things. But if I’m going to do them, I prefer to do them as affordably as possible. Sometimes you can’t avoid admission fees and exorbitant costs to experience once-in-a-lifetime activities, but I’ve gotten pretty good at finding frugal activities no matter where I go. The recent Continue Reading » The post Frugal Fun at the Wildlife Refuge appeared first on Femme Frugality. ...
Posted: Jan 17 2019 @ 1:32 PM
Looking for something to do in the Burgh this holiday weekend on a budget? Look no further. On Monday,  you can gather up the crew and head on over to the Mattress Factory without worrying about how much cash you have on hand. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration at The Mattress Factory When: Monday, Continue Reading » The post What to Do in #Pittsburgh on #MLK Jr. Day appeared first ...
Posted: Jan 16 2019 @ 6:01 AM
This post is in partnership with The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Happy weekend, friends! Fridays are always a happy occurrence, but this week I want to make yours a little bit happier with our next Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Giveaway! A Very Lunar Weekend in Pittsburgh But first, I want to throw some ideas at you for Continue Reading » The post Flash #Giveaway: Lunar Weekend in #Pittsburgh appeared first on Femme Frugality. ...
Posted: Jan 11 2019 @ 7:29 AM
This post, which is contributed by an outside writer, is brought to you by JJs House. Every bride wants to make her wedding day extremely special. She tries to manage everything within her wedding budget. But there’s one thing most brides don’t like to compromise on: wedding dresses. Fortunately, you can find beautiful wedding dresses Continue Reading » The post Easy Tricks to Save Money on Wedding Gowns appeared first on ...
Posted: Jan 11 2019 @ 5:04 AM
Car insurance is such a pain in the butt. I’m glad it’s required if you have a car. Otherwise we’d probably have Oedipal temper tantrums a lot more often–and we all know how that ended. If you don’t know how that ended, no worries. It’s a reference to Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. The main character, Oedipus, Continue Reading » The post 10 Car Insurance Discounts You Should Ask For appeared first on ...
Posted: Jan 09 2019 @ 1:01 PM
The first place we visited in Florida was Fort Myers Beach. We were there for the Thanksgiving holiday itself. Our hotel had a full kitchenette, which was great. The night before we picked up turkey, rolls and sides from Honey Baked Ham. The meal was amazing, super low effort for a holiday meal, and cost Continue Reading » The post Bowman’s Beach vs Estero Island appeared first on Femme Frugality. ...
Posted: Jan 07 2019 @ 6:01 AM
This post, which is contributed by an outside writer, is brought to you by eCom Turbo. When it comes to choosing a Shopify Store theme, you can get a pre-made theme from anywhere. But we suggest you stick to the Shopify’s Theme Store. Shopify has strict restrictions and high standards. It assures you only get Continue Reading » The post How to Pick a Shopify Store Theme That Suits Your Business ...
Posted: Jan 05 2019 @ 4:50 PM
Welcome to the next installment in my Around the World in 80 Books Challenge! It’s exactly what it sounds like: I’m trying to read 80 books from 80 different countries/cultures around the world, and to add a frugal spin, I’m trying to do it all for under $20. Here’s my running tally so far: $0- Continue Reading » The post Around the World in 80 Books: Bosnia Herzegovina appeared first on ...
Posted: Dec 28 2018 @ 6:01 AM
You may remember that 2018 was my year of bravery. I did things that intimidated me. Things that I had been putting off. For the most part, this panned out well. Regardless of the end results, I learned something as a result of taking each and every leap. Year of Bravery in Summation Most of Continue Reading » The post Year of Bravery in Summation and 2019 Reveal appeared first on ...
Posted: Dec 26 2018 @ 11:28 AM


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