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Yesterday I chatted with SEO guru and millionaire blogger Grant Sabatier about the HUGE role that site structure plays in Google SEO, and he gave solid tips for optimizing your SEO category pages, site taxonomy, WordPress category page descriptions, etc. This post shares WHY it’s important, and WHAT you can do to better organize your […] The post SEO Category Pages – WHY they’re important and HOW to optimize them. appeared ...
Posted: Feb 19 2019 @ 7:39 AM
Below is a non-sponsored SmarterQueue review, a tour around the dashboard, and some quick facts to help YOU decide if this is the social media management /automation tool for YOUR blog or business. I’m a loyal paying customer now 🙂 Raise your hand if you have ever DREADED filling up your social media sharing queue? Me […] The post SmarterQueue Review – The Best Social Media Tool for Bloggers appeared first on ...
Posted: Feb 17 2019 @ 7:00 AM
I have been blogging for a decade, and Elementor Pro is easily my favorite WordPress plugin. And while it’s versatile, affordable, and powerful… …it does has steep learning curve! Here’s a start-to-finish Elementor tutorial–so you can start turning “what’s in your head” into “what appears on the page.” Let’s go. Table of Contents What is Elementor? How much does it cost? My […] The post A Step-by-Step Elementor Tutorial & Review (for Bloggers) appeared first on Do You ...
Posted: Feb 10 2019 @ 11:28 PM
Rob and Melissa, from the Flea Market Flipper, almost didn’t have a blog. After a few months of documenting their flipping lifestyle (they made over $80,000 flipping items last year) and trying to sell an online course, they quit. For months. They didn’t see immediate results, lost focus, and decided it wasn’t worth it. Luckily–for […] The post A Comeback Story: How the Flea Market Flippers Persisted to Build a Profitable ...
Posted: Feb 06 2019 @ 6:45 AM
You might remember Alex (Broke is a Choice) from a previous episode: How to translate blogging goals into WHAT you should focus on. One of the things I LOVED about that chat was this: Alex created a blog for a very different reason that 99% of us. But that was in month 1 of his […] The post BONUS: How to attract the RIGHT kind of people to your blog w/ ...
Posted: Jan 23 2019 @ 6:51 AM
It’s been a DREAM of mine to release a long-form case study that takes place over 12 months, and I’m excited to present part 2! Please meet Tanya from Traveling Tanya! She’s a brand new blogger (at the time of this post), and we’re going to be following and picking apart her journey over the […] The post The 12-month New Blogger Case Study – Traveling Tanya appeared first on Do ...
Posted: Jan 15 2019 @ 11:39 AM
Below is NOT a huge list filled with every blogging tool under the sun… Even though I HAVE tried virtually every product out there 😃 These are the battle-tested solutions I use daily for my blog & business. Important note… NONE of these companies reached out to me to get featured here, and I’m more than comfortable using my affiliate links! I stand behind these […] The post Blogging Tools: The Definitive List for Growth 😃🔨 (in 2019) appeared first on ...
Posted: Jan 11 2019 @ 8:41 AM
Today’s podcast and blog post below focuses on one thing: selling your blog. Here to chat today is Marc from Vital Dollar—who has sold blogs ranging from $1k to $200k(!). Let’s start with an awkward thought… Not everybody reading this post will be blogging a year from now. Yes, even some of you out there […] The post Should You Sell Your Blog Instead of Quitting? (Plus Selling Tips From Marc ...
Posted: Jan 09 2019 @ 7:00 AM
If time is our biggest asset, then Kelan from The Savvy Couple (a dad-gum impressive blogger on track to make welllll over six figures this year) is here to make us rich. Time-rich 🙂 He shares 2 things: Why it’s vital to get your spouse on board with your blog/biz 4 simple and easy-to-start-doing time […] The post 4 Ultra-Easy Time Management Tips for Bloggers – Kelan From the Savvy Couple ...
Posted: Jan 02 2019 @ 6:17 PM
In this post and podcast, I’m sharing why I don’t approve of the “annual New Year’s Resolution” model for setting goals/plans for your blog, as well as what I’d suggest people do instead—or at least “in addition to!” Here’s a secret: I, Pete McPherson, am a master procrastinator. Ya know the stories you hear about college students […] The post How to Create a Blog Plan (That You’ll Crush💪) appeared first on Do ...
Posted: Dec 27 2018 @ 7:07 PM


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