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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Too often, people approach the concept of a budget with the rarely kept promise to start one tomorrow. While budgeting might seem like a daunting, or at the very least, monotonous task, it’s crucial to reaching your financial goals. No matter how old you are, what your income is, or what financial goals you hope ... Read More about Budgeting Tips to Help You Succeed The post Budgeting Tips to ...
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A generation ago, most consumers put pen to paper to track their monthly expenses. Back then, a simple math error or brief a moment of forgetfulness could wreak havoc on your check register. With today’s modern budgeting apps, anyone with a smartphone can budget for the future, track expenses in real time, and generate intuitive ... Read More about Best Budget Apps for 2019 The post Best Budget Apps for ...
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Have you ever watched the reality television show Shark Tank, all the while wishing it was you pitching that small business idea to top investors? Or, maybe you’ve been laid off and need to quickly find a way to cover living expenses for you and your loved ones. Switching from employee to entrepreneur involves a huge ... Read More about How to Make Money From a Small Business Endeavor The post ...
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Starting a successful small business is no easy feat. Having the guts to make your dreams a reality is step one. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, there are a number of steps to take along the way to ensure your business soars legally and financially. From tracking expenses to taking inventory and preparing for taxes, ... Read More about Small Business Accounting & Legal Tips The post Small Business Accounting ...
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If you’re considering an advanced degree so you can earn more money in the future, give your decision some more thought. Graduate school costs a lot. To finish an advanced degree, you’ll need to put parts of your life on hold — including your ability to make money right now. An advanced degree can help ... Read More about Advanced Degrees | Increase Your Earning Potential The post Advanced Degrees ...
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Unless you know the future, buying a new home can feel like a gamble. You’re betting you’ll have the money to pay the mortgage every month for decades. You’re also betting you can afford the taxes, the insurance premiums, and the home maintenance. If something goes wrong and you can’t pay, your lender could kick ... Read More about Home Ownership: Savings In The Long Run The post Home Ownership: ...
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Buying stocks for the first time can feel like playing a new sport. You may feel uncertain. You may question the wisdom of getting involved. The fees may seem confusing or too steep. With sports as with stocks, some knowledge, some practice, and some solid coaching can help you stay in the game. And the ... Read More about Investing In Stocks The post Investing In Stocks appeared first on ...
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