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6 Figures by 30 Career Navigation Guide, is a necessity read for ambitious millennials who aspire to earn 6 figures or more. Author Cecilyn Hutchinson speaks about her own journey to 6 figures by 30, while providing a playbook anyone can follow. The book covers everything needed to start a career plan to 6 figures in any field. Readers can also expect behind the door methods of how recruiters pick ...
Posted: Sep 25 2017 @ 9:35 PM
On the average I rarely just jump right into a topic but this time I am assuming that everyone has at least heard of Bitcoin. If not I would suggest to do a quick google search on the topic.So let's go ahead and get into the meat here neighbors.WTF is bitcoin'The official definition of Bitcoin is:Noun: a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the ...
Posted: Sep 16 2017 @ 5:09 PM
Living in a capitalistic society is all about chasing the mighty dollar. Companies want to attract more consumers and ultimately make a bigger profit overtime. Hence this philosophy is what causes businesses to evolve into bigger and better things. It’s the same spirit that corporate giants like Amazon or Apple embrace to keep the profits rolling in for stakeholders. During the evolution process companies started to offer store credit cards ...
Posted: Sep 06 2017 @ 12:18 AM
Heads up neighbors, this post is strictly an opinion piece just for me to get my thoughts out. Coincidentally I believe this post will help others in similar positions. And if Facebook is to serve as any reference point, I think this post will help hundreds know they aren’t alone. So I’m sharing this post just for that reason.Quick recap first:I started working at this insurance company (won’t name them ...
Posted: Aug 25 2017 @ 4:25 PM
Saving up a few thousands of dollars doesn’t quite mean purchasing a home is the best option for you. There are more non-money factors to consider before you start signing the mortgage and picking out drapes. As a recent home buyer, I remember my wife and I were not ready for a home for a year or two. Not necessarily because of a lack of down payment but other factors. ...
Posted: Aug 21 2017 @ 4:42 PM
Traveling on your journey to financial freedom is filled with potholes, creditors, speed bumps, emergencies and down right a bumpy ass road. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. While I’ve been on my journey I found three amazing tools to make the trip easier. So read on weary traveler, for my 3 top money tools every millennial should own.MintStarting with my favorite tool is a web-based financial management ...
Posted: Aug 04 2017 @ 7:38 AM
The past two posts have been apart of my 3 part series discussing whether a 401(k) is enough for millennials. For most millennials you were probably told by your parents to find a good job with benefits and a good 401(k). And that was all it took to retiring in style. No discussing other ways to save or invest. No talks about having other streams of income. Though our parents ...
Posted: Jul 25 2017 @ 7:36 AM
As promised this post is the 2nd of the three part series as I dive into answering the question, “Are 401(k) s enough for millennials to retire'” Below I post my list of six advantages of participating in the program and how it can benefit millennials. The final post will cover six disadvantages of a 401(k). To reiterate the purpose of this series is to make millennials think about their ...
Posted: Jul 14 2017 @ 7:45 AM
Over this past weekend I attended a meeting with other young millennials and as the night went on we talked shortly about 401(k). I am refraining from discussing that millennials don’t talk enough about the topic but will save that for another day. Anyhow, a gentleman stated that a 401(k) is a lie and isn’t enough for millennials to retire on. He then went on about how he is investing ...
Posted: Jul 03 2017 @ 7:41 PM
Recently I have been considering of borrowing around $2,000 from my 401(k) to jump-start my financial coaching business. Honestly, I’m just being impatient but that’s a millennial for you. We all probably work with someone who is paying back a 401(k) loan. Fidelity found that 22% of account holders still have an outstanding loan balance; this was a 2% increase from the past year. In the past I preached that ...
Posted: May 29 2017 @ 11:17 PM


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