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Mystic, Connecticut, United States
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
Physician (Doctor)
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WODAPALOOZA 2018 If you haven’t heard of this Miami Fitness Competition, you need to look it up! For all of you Crossfitters out there, this is by far the BEST competition I’ve ever participated in. Last year I qualified online after doing 8 grueling workouts with 2 other girls and we qualified for the ELITE […] The post WODAPALOOZA 2018 appeared first on . ...
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  4 Reasons Why Real Estate Builds Wealth There seems to be a divide, almost political in nature among investors. Stocks vs. Real Estate. Arguably, it is probably best to diversify and have a good spread based on your own goals and situation about what investments you choose. This is a basic run down about […] The post 4 Reasons Why Real Estate Builds Wealth appeared first on . ...
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How to Increase Your Net Worth by $15,000 by going on Vacation 18-Jan Checking 4,714.80 Savings 51,983 Real Estate Rental Property 1 Savings 10,686 Rental Property 2 Savings 3,920.73 Rental Property 2 Checking 2,052.42 Rental Property 1 Zestimate 739,518.00 Rental Property 2 Zestimate 173,000 INVESTMENTS Lending Club 3,347.79 Roth IRA 19,812.63 Vanguard 24,735 TSP 48,931 […] The post How to Increase your Net Worth by $15,000 by going on Vacation appeared ...
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Goal Setting Do great things ever happen to people randomly' Yes, for sure. You could meet the love of your life or win the lottery but how rare are the chances that will happen to you' Everything I’ve ever been proud of, I worked very hard for it. I put it into my daily routine […] The post Does Goal Setting Really Work' appeared first on Miss Millennial. ...
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How Investment and Health are Correlated   Careers, financial pressure, family, higher education, debt all put health on the back burner.  People wait till things ‘settle down’ to start getting in shape.  We work 80 hours a week with little sleep working tirelessly for a goal.  Before you know it, you’re diagnosed with pre-diabetes and […] The post The Most Worthwhile Investment appeared first on Miss Millennial. ...
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Is There Such a Thing as TOO Much Coffee' One of the most addictive substances around is coffee. Cities and businesses have created meccas of good coffee shops that attract customers and create beautiful surroundings while fulfilling the much needed morning Cup of Joe. Recent studies have come out indicating drinking multiple cups of coffee […] The post Coffee: Is there such a thing as too much' appeared first on Miss ...
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Staying Fit During the Holidays Most people are traveling at least once during this holiday season. Visiting family is essential to making the holidays feel complete. Are you worried about packing on ten pounds' The next three tips will help mitigate those extra holiday pounds. 1.) Before Traveling, Google a nearby gym with a holiday […] The post 3 Holiday Tips to Keep Off Weight appeared first on Miss Millennial. ...
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The One Vice You Need to Eliminate to Lose those Love Handles   In my early twenties, mainly through college and medical school I drank mainly as a social endeavor. I was the social representative for my class. Which meant I scheduled every party at the local bars. In the American culture it is pressed […] The post Eliminate Love Handles appeared first on Miss Millennial. ...
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Women and Weights:  Body Image Revolution ‘Your shoulders are too broad,’ ‘You look like you’re on steroids.’ ‘You look like a man’ ‘You’re too bulky’ All my life I’ve received opinions on how I should I look.  This may have been a DIRECT message from my mother, family or friends or this could have been […] The post The Ladies Revolution You Didn’t Know About appeared first on Miss Millennial. ...
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The Snatch is one of the most amazing exercises.  It is a full body exercise that requires years to perfect and it is one of the sexiest lifts a person can perform (not just because of the sexual annotation behind the name)  It requires FULL BODY FLEXIBILITY.  The amount of weight I can Snatch could […] The post 3 Things I Wish I Knew About the Snatch appeared first on Miss ...
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