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Weedstocks, Financial Independence, Investor Psychology, Tax Advantaged Accounts
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Alberta, Canada
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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As I have gained more experience in the stock market world, my position size on investments has increased. I’m going to review my 2 largest investments in the sector to date. Experience isn’t the only factor at play here, the fact that my account has grown helps a lot. If my holdings were worth 100k, […] The post Biggest Position Trades to Date appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Sep 03 2018 @ 1:57 AM
I’ve made some really bad stock purchase over that last few years, while I could blame others or the company itself, I would rather learn what I did wrong.  If you are down 50% on a stock, what went wrong? You bought it thinking it was going to go higher, why didn’t it? Bit of […] The post My worst stock buys and what to learn from it appeared first on ...
Posted: Aug 17 2018 @ 12:47 AM
I’m going to review my trade on TRST, going over the emotions and thoughts behind the trade. I’m not a day trader, but I have been taking a stab at it lately. There was  lot going on, the Senate passed the cannabis bill and it was given royal assent. As all that happened the stocks […] The post Cann Trust-TRST Day Trade Review appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Jul 01 2018 @ 8:28 PM
Lotus Ventures, is a small under the radar cannabis company. They have a streaming agreement Auxly Cannabis . This buy the dip is going to be a short term hold and appears to be setting up similar to my trade on Bliss Co which I made over $2,000 on. So I won’t be getting to deep into the […] The post Lotus Ventures- Buy the Dip appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Jun 25 2018 @ 1:11 PM
I’m not a day trader, I struggle with taking profits.  If I buy a stock with the plan to exit quickly, I usually just end up holding it long term. This isn’t a bad thing, it has helped me get to where I am.I managed to break that habit with my trade on Bliss. Over […] The post Bliss- A swing trade gone good appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Jun 16 2018 @ 5:50 PM
The Canadian Cannabis sector is moving quickly, many producers are building out 1 million sq ft expansion projects. There is a cloud hanging over the sector, the unknown amount of product available come legalization. I’m my last post I went through the list of 104 licenses, figuring out how many companies own these licenses. Along […] The post Current Production Capacity of LPs appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: May 13 2018 @ 6:51 PM
If you have been following the Cannabis industry, you would see news headlines mentioning over 100 Licensed Producers.  While there are over 100 licenses in the cultivation stage or higher, how many companies are involved?  Sorting out the Health Canada Licensed Producer Data we can find the number of companies involved. Going to the Health Canada […] The post How many licensed producers are there? appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: May 05 2018 @ 12:41 PM
Indiva (NDVA) is a small licensed producer with an upcoming catalyst, getting their sales license. It is currently a top pick by Bruce Campbell of Stone Castle Investments. I already hold a small amount of the stock, looking to increase my holdings. I spent some time this weekend digging into the Sedar Filings, to find […] The post NDVA- Adding to my position- Due Diligence appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Apr 09 2018 @ 9:48 PM
Get on the hype train that is TGOD! My GOD it’s going to be huge! But before you buy, let’s take a look at what most likely will happen when the TGOD IPO occurs. There are two time frames to consider, the IPO date and 6 months down the road. Background-Financing In order to know […] The post TGOD IPO What to Expect appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Mar 30 2018 @ 2:36 AM
This is part three of my account history, if you want to see how I got to this point, check out part one and two. Nov 27th 2017 Part 2 ended with my account at 327k on Nov 22. Five days later up to 362k, the trend below shows the massive run.  This quote below […] The post History of my Weedstock account- Part 3 appeared first on Save Stacks. ...
Posted: Mar 17 2018 @ 11:23 PM


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