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Prosperity and Participation
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frugality, budgeting, family finances, civic participation, self-employment
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Austin, Texas, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
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I’ve actually had a great start to my first goal: eat food that is alive. I’ve read enough articles that indicate that good bacteria in your gut is correlated to everything from disease prevention to mood to actually take that big step in improving my diet. For my birthday (in January) a dear friend taught […] ...
Posted: Feb 15 2018 @ 1:23 PM
We take two breaks a year to slow way down and create a lot of space for ourselves physically and mentally. The first break occurs around the Holidays. We head up to the Northeast to visit friends and family and focus on nurturing those relationships. We live really far away from our families and we […] ...
Posted: Feb 11 2018 @ 2:22 PM
So I’m in the middle of taking a business idea and making it a reality. Earlier this year I had an epiphany that we could use our photography equipment and love of traveling to remote places and turn it into a new way of earning a living. Something that would involve the whole family and […] ...
Posted: Nov 07 2017 @ 3:37 PM
Since we’re self-employed over here, our family of three shops for plans on the health insurance marketplace (Obamacare) every November. We live in Austin, Texas which has a lot of hospitals and healthcare providers. Thankfully, we are all in good health at this time. We don’t have any monthly prescriptions to pay for. Our local […] ...
Posted: Nov 02 2017 @ 4:01 PM
The most consistent messaging most of us receive from the outside world has been about appearances: what to look like; what to wear; what to drive; how to furnish our homes and the lifestyle to aim for. One could spend a lifetime keeping up with the messaging and it would always provide something new to […] ...
Posted: Oct 30 2017 @ 3:42 PM
Yesterday, I attended a presentation offered by the Montessori Institute of North Texas at our local public elementary school. We are beyond elated and grateful that our school district, Austin Independent School District, has invested in a public Montessori program just down our street. Our neighborhood school has been a labor of love for us […] ...
Posted: Oct 24 2017 @ 7:54 PM
I recently attended a seminar about parenting a child based on their brain development and it struck me as totally relevant in adulthood and in our financial lives. When you’re a baby your brain is in “Am I safe?” mode. That means it wants a parent to be responsive when it cries, to be fed, […] ...
Posted: Oct 20 2017 @ 3:55 AM
I had a great undergraduate academic experience at the small liberal arts school I attended in Pennsylvania. I received a lot of grants that turned a tuition beyond my reach into a very reasonable sum and I only graduated with $5,000 in loans. The loans I’m talking about are from a misguided decision to pursue […] ...
Posted: Oct 16 2017 @ 6:15 PM
In my last post I wrote about how I had just completed an exercise to map out how I want my life to feel. Today I took a look at my overall budget and my variable expenditures so far in October to analyze if they were supporting my life feeling goals. The results were pretty […] ...
Posted: Oct 13 2017 @ 3:07 PM
Always a student of life, I’ve started the ritual of creating feeling boards to help guide my daily actions. Here is my latest rendition which will give you an idea of how to proceed. For myself, a vision board with pictures felt consumer based. As if acquiring or getting my life to look a certain […] ...
Posted: Oct 04 2017 @ 8:02 PM


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