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Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Tony Edwards

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Busy Frugal Family
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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States
African American
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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How to make an agreement with your partner about money problems!Life isn’t simple!Rather things get tougher and difficult as you age, get married, and start living in a relationship!This post will be dealing with one big issue that nearly we all couples face at the end of the day. It is about coming to an agreement with one’s partner about money problems and other financial issues like fighting debts together ...
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A Happy Holiday Starts in the Morning: How to Start Your Family's Day Off RightYour kids look forward to winter vacation the duration of fall, but sometimes the holidays are more stressful than fun. Between long days of travel and changes to daily routines, the holidays can leave kids tired and grumpy and parents at their wit’s end. If last year’s meltdowns have ...
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For many Americans, Black Friday has become a ritual and expectation.  While we're not against Black Friday, the day can lead to buying things you don't need for more than you should pay. Here are some tips to help busy frugal families survive Black Friday without destroying your bank account or your budget.Set a Black Friday spending limit with your spouse.Whether you handle your finances jointly or separately, discussing your ...
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Want to teach your children entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, but don't know where to start'Then let's get some advice from Familypreneur author Jean Pierre Rukebesha!1. Why did you write Familypreneur'There are five major reasons:First, I wanted to share with parents especially those running their small businesses how they can nurture and educate their children from any early age the basics of entrepreneurship and along the way get the kids ...
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Bills. Groceries. Debt. The struggle is real.If you're anything like us, you need to save money to put more money toward your financial goals.Getting out of debt. Building an emergency fund. Saving for retirement. Saving for college.Here are some ways we save money that have helped in our journey to financial independence:1. Buy a cheaper car than you can afford.If you have to buy a vehicle, don't buy the most ...
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Do you like to shop at dollar stores' Do you like to get your shopping done fast' Then make a shopping trip to your nearest DAISO store!The first thing we noticed after walking in the store was how bright the store was because of the white and pink color scheme.Like many dollar stores, the majority of items are one price. At DAISO, most items are $1.50.  The extra fifty cents ...
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Too busy to go grocery shopping' Need to save money on groceries' Then try Kroger ClickList!Save Time Grocery ShoppingAs grocery stores get larger and larger, it takes longer and longer to walk all the aisles to find what you need. You can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend by shopping online and picking up your items - outside the store.Save Money on GroceriesEven when you go the store ...
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Want your kids to be more successful in school and in life' We sure do.  Why are some children more successful than others' We certainly want to find out! That's why we interviewed Dr. Cornelius Grove, author of The Drive to Learn!Why did you write The Drive to Learn'Jennifer and Tony, thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my views. Since around 1970, an increasing number of Americans ...
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