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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Did you know that there are legit companies that will pay you to do product testing? Most companies do pay in actual cash, however some companies will actually pay you in the form of free products for you too keep. Why would companies pay you to test their products, right? The reason why is it’s […] The post Product Testing: The Little-Known Secret to Extra Cash & Free Products appeared first ...
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My Guest on the Show…   Over 70% of students will leave college with over $32,000 in student loan debt. This means roughly one in seven people you know in the United States has a student loan and the total student loan debt is now over $44 million as a country. This sucks. But what […] The post Episode 94: Cash Flowing College WITHOUT Student Loans with Jordan Hall appeared first ...
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Who said you can’t receive birthday gifts after you become an adult? Many companies are happy to give you free stuff on your birthday. In fact, there are more freebies than you can humanly consume on your special day! If you currently dread turning a year older, these free birthday freebies can be an exciting […] The post 150+ Freebies You Can Get on Your Birthday: Food, Retail, & Experiences appeared ...
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If you’re anything like me you like getting free stuff. I mean, I’m guessing that’s part of the reason you read Money Peach. We’re always researching and sharing the latest money hacks about how you can get free stuff, like free Amazon gift cards, free internet, free cable and even free laptops. I didn’t know this […] The post The Sneaky Tips and Tricks to Get Free Food Using These Apps appeared ...
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  My Guest on the Show…   Kiné Corder is a best-seller author, international speaker, and a psychotherapist that specializes in financial therapy. While working with Morgan Stanley, she saw that couples needed help with more than just the numbers. They experienced trauma and anxiety associated with money that blocked their happiness. She started Presidential […] The post Episode 93: Your Money Mentality Will Become Your Money Reality with Kiné Corder ...
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My Guest on the Show…   Jordan Goodman is a rockstar. You may have heard of him as America’s Money Answers Man and seen him as a regular CNN, Fox Business and radio segments across the country. Jordan is referred to as the answers man because of his expertise on all things money, but I […] The post Episode 92: Pay Your 30-Year Mortgage in 5-7 Years on Your Existing Level ...
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Who couldn’t use an extra $550 each month? Good news: Making these small (and pretty painless) adjustments to your spending habits can help you get there—and without having to eliminate anything you love. 1. Eat in one more night per week. On average, we dine out 4.5 times every week, spending around $250 per month—meaning each meal […] The post 8 Moves That Can Net You an Extra $550 Per Month appeared first ...
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My Guest on the Show…   I am beyond excited to have the founder Investor Junkie come on the show to share the ins and out on the different investment strategies we all available to us. We break down the differences between robo-advisors vs your traditional advisors, the top micro-savings apps, passive real estate investing […] The post Episode 91: What’s Your Best Investment Strategy with Larry Ludwig appeared first on ...
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The first motion picture movie theater opened in 1905 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a single admission ticket only cost a nickel. Going to the movies on a Friday night has been an American pastime ever since, but with tickets costing as much as $9 per person, many families can’t afford to go to the theater […] The post 22 Tricks Sneaky Movie Buffs Use To Watch Movies For Free (Legally) appeared ...
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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make copies? Even though you may not have a copier machine at home, you may occasionally need copies for a tax return, to sell a home, to apply for a loan or anything else where the digital paper trail is just not quite […] The post 20+ Tricks to Make Copies Near You and at Best Price You Didn’t ...
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