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When I was 18, I moved away from home to go away for college.  There was a local school I could have gone to, but I was young and rebellious and couldn’t wait to get out of the house.  I ended up renting an apartment with my two best friends, ordering pizza way too often … Continue reading My “my first credit card” story → ...
Posted: Jan 23 2018 @ 10:07 AM
So while agonizing over my spreadsheets this weekend and praying that we get a decent offer on the house when it hits the market, I calculated the amount that we actually spend on house-related costs on a monthly basis.  Since our rent will be a fixed, all-inclusive amount, I wanted to see how much money … Continue reading True costs of home ownership → ...
Posted: Jan 15 2018 @ 2:44 PM
I know someone who is seriously in debt, to the tune of at least 6 figures.  I won’t get into details since it’s not my story, but she has been very open about it.  She hates the fact of the debt, but has gotten so used to it that she also doesn’t seem to want … Continue reading The right comparisons → ...
Posted: Jan 12 2018 @ 1:47 PM
As I’m going through everything in my house and determining what’s worth keeping, I’m building a pile of stuff to get rid of that gets higher by the day.  Most of it was at one point in my life a planned purchase that I thought about for a while and really wanted, and some of … Continue reading Ignoring sunk cost → ...
Posted: Jan 09 2018 @ 7:24 AM
So I’m about to do something that feels completely contrary to FIRE goals and Mr Money Mustache and everything else I’ve read about how to save money.  When we sell our house, we’re probably going to *gasp* use a realtor. I know that Comfree.com exists, and many other sites like it.  I know that I’m … Continue reading Decision time → ...
Posted: Jan 04 2018 @ 7:50 AM
So I’ve been tracking all of our expenses and accounts and everything else for four months now.  2017 was a great year for the two of us.  Both my husband and I received promotions that came with significant raises; we found out that our house could be worth a lot more than we thought it … Continue reading Four months in… → ...
Posted: Jan 01 2018 @ 3:50 PM
“Here.  It can go in the ‘trash’ pile.” “Really?” *Nod* “Yes!  Finally!” The item in question was an ornamental miniature version of a Greek statue.  It had been given to my husband by his grandmother when he was a child, and he had been carting it around ever since.  We’ve gone through three moves together, … Continue reading On being ruthless → ...
Posted: Dec 28 2017 @ 9:46 AM
Today while at a Christmas Eve dinner with some friends of ours, we shared our plans to sell our house and rent instead.  I’ve been surprised how enthusiastic most people have been, overall.  The most common reaction I’ve gotten is “I wish I could do that, but there’s no room for our kids in an … Continue reading This is never a reason to buy something new! → ...
Posted: Dec 25 2017 @ 9:45 AM
Thought I’d share a quick little bit of advice on how to get extra discounts on online purchases. So let’s say that you have a planned purchase that fits within your budget and that you’ve been thinking about for long enough that you’re sure you want it.  Go online and fine a store that carries … Continue reading How to save money shopping online → ...
Posted: Dec 22 2017 @ 6:44 PM
This is not a new revelation to me.  When I was 8 or 9 years old, I remember begging my mother to let me get a library card for my birthday.  To this day I don’t know for sure why she said no, but there was also a time in my childhood where I was … Continue reading Libraries are awesome → ...
Posted: Dec 20 2017 @ 12:55 PM


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