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The 40 Year Old Retirees

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The 40 Year Old Retirees
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minimalism, budgeting, FIRE, early retirement, travel
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San Francisco, California, United States
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When people come visit Northern California, everyone usually spends all their time in San Francisco. For someone who lives and works here, I’m not the biggest fan of San Francisco. I’m sorry for those who absolutely love it, but I rather live in New York. We are only here to achieve FI quicker than other places given our line of work (not in software engineering) and that we report to ...
Posted: Oct 31 2018 @ 11:41 PM
While most people love to do their honeymoon in picturesque locations, we decided to opt for more unconventional locations. We did get married last year; however, with all the weddings we attending right after our own, we decided to combine our honeymoon and 1 year anniversary into one trip. When we travel, I prefer to go to places that most people don’t like to go. Perhaps it’s due to the ...
Posted: Oct 25 2018 @ 11:39 PM
After having some research for over a year, I’ve concluded that the United States is in favor of retirees regardless of the age in which someone retires. It penalizes the working class of America, which makes up over 125 million people. Relatively, I think this conclusion is easy to understand, but it’s not completely intuitive. How does America favor the retirees? Tax Code: Capital Gains and Dividends Looking at history, ...
Posted: Oct 15 2018 @ 1:16 PM
In a 2015 study, Bloomberg reported that the average size of a home is 2,467 square feet. What do families do with all that space? Buy things to fill it up. And we wonder why Americans have a savings rate of less than 5%. Home Sizes In 1973, the average household size was 3 people per home and they lived in a home that was about 1,500 square feet. Today, ...
Posted: Oct 01 2018 @ 1:16 PM
Time for round 3 of credit card sign-ups! Unfortunately, we haven’t had as much luck this round. We’ve already been denied for a few cards and they have been some great bonus offerings! Credit Card Sign-Up #3 For Me: I’m past the 5/24 Chase limit. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sign up for some business cards in the next year so I’ll get under the 5/24 and be eligible for ...
Posted: Sep 26 2018 @ 9:25 PM
In comparison to most people’s financial regret, mines is probably not worth mentioning. Luckily, I didn’t graduate with any student debt nor got myself in any credit card debt ever. In a way, I was a little lucky with student debt, because my dad was under-employed during my college years. This meant I qualified for a lot of federal grants. Also, my mom had just enough saved up to cover ...
Posted: Sep 21 2018 @ 5:36 PM
Ok, I must admit that I’m absolutely obsessed with reading personal finance blogs. I read them all the time and pretty much almost every single day. There’s always enough time down to just unlock your phone and read 1 blog post. Less than 10 hours of Hours Reading Over the last 2 years, I’ve probably spend over thousands of hours researching how to get to financial independence. However, in about ...
Posted: Sep 16 2018 @ 5:54 PM
College is expensive. People are coming out with an average of $17,000+ of student debt. Though, I’ve seen figures that are larger than that, upwards of $30,000+. I was lucky in that my parents paid for all of it, but I also saved them $12,000 by graduating in 3 years. All of people suggest going to community college for the 1st 2 years and finishing the other 2 at a ...
Posted: Sep 09 2018 @ 9:03 PM
Over the last decade, life hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a fun journey and I’ve certainly learned a lot. Now that I’m getting to my 30s, life’s easier because I’ve got the hang of it. Here are 30 things that I’ve thankful to have learned by the time I turn 30. Personal Finance and Investing 1. Low-Cost Index Funds Since no one can time the market, it makes sense ...
Posted: Sep 04 2018 @ 1:53 PM
We love to travel and usually to odd places that many people are shocked to hear that anyone in their right mind would go. A few years ago we apparently did an “Around the World trip.” Sounds weird to not know, but there’s a whole story why. For the few years before our Around the World trip, we were hopping all over Asia: Burma, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam…So every time we ...
Posted: Aug 30 2018 @ 7:19 PM


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