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Early on in the life of this website, I have posted about mental illness.  Why'  Because it is an important, not-discussed-enough, and poorly solved problem that has profound impacts in and out of medicine.  Yet, despite my desire to make this a more publicly discussed topic, I was recently seen as making a mental health stigma of someone in my life. The post Don’t look now, your stigma is showing appeared first ...
Posted: Mar 21 2018 @ 5:00 AM
The item I want to discuss today is a continuum from our discussion on minimizing debt during residency.  It really isn't just a drop in the bucket.  I want to show you why it is so important to save what you can during residency. In fact, I want to make an argument as to why you should invest in residency The post Investing Money in Residency: Resident Series appeared first on ...
Posted: Mar 19 2018 @ 5:00 AM
On a recent forum that I visit, a poster questioned everyone on whether it was worth taking a big trip to Europe after finishing his first licensure exam (USMLE Step 1).  What the person was really asking is.... "Is it worth it to minimize debt'" That's what we will discuss today. The post Why you should minimize debt in training: Resident Series appeared first on The Physician Philosopher. ...
Posted: Mar 16 2018 @ 5:00 AM
[My post on physician self-identity crisis was picked up by KevinMD.  I think its a really important message for anyone in the medical community, and would appreciate you going to visit that post here and sharing it on social media.  You can tag me @physphilosopher.  It’s a lesson that far too many learn the hard ... Read moreFinancial Mistakes: It (mis)takes one to know one! The post Financial Mistakes: It (mis)takes ...
Posted: Mar 14 2018 @ 5:00 AM
When I was in residency, residency refinancing companies did not exist. If you read part 1 of this series or are considering private refinancing options, then this post will help you pick the best company for you. The post The Four W’s of Private Refinancing: Part 2 appeared first on The Physician Philosopher. ...
Posted: Mar 12 2018 @ 5:00 AM
The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took changed my most recent paycheck.  The increase was substantial.  I had previously made the calculations to determine how much it ought to increase my paycheck, but was eager to see what the number would actually be.  Today we will answer the question of "how does the tax bill affect me'" The post How does the tax bill affect me and my paycheck' appeared ...
Posted: Mar 09 2018 @ 5:00 AM
Slow down you crazy child. You’re so ambitious for a juvenile, but then if you’re so smart…tell me why are you still so afraid.  Where’s the fire' What’s the hurry about' You better cool it off before you burn it out.  You got so much to do and only so many hours in a day. ... Read moreIt’s (not) all about the Benjamins: Remember Why The post It’s (not) all about ...
Posted: Mar 07 2018 @ 5:00 AM
Don't we all remember the most important money saving tip'  You know.  If you just brew your coffee (or tea) at home while you are a medical student and resident instead of going to Starbucks, you could save thousands of dollars on your medical school debt. We've got some talking to do: Student Loans Part 1. The post The Four W’s of PSLF: Student Loan Refinacing Part 1 appeared first ...
Posted: Mar 05 2018 @ 5:00 AM
Welcome Physician on Fire readers! If you want to learn more about TPP, click here. For my regular readers, I have a Thursday guest post on Physician on Fire's website where I write about Student Loan Bonds and how we can view them in a diversified portfolio. Click here and I'll direct you the right way! The post Welcome Physicion on Fire Readers: Bonds, Student Loan Bonds appeared first on ...
Posted: Mar 01 2018 @ 5:00 AM
You think you know yourself, but you probably don't. I certainly thought I knew Steve until Steve's mom called. She was concerned he might commit suicide. As a third year med student, my biggest lesson of all came outside the hospital. If you are (or ever were) in medical school, please read: Med Student Suicide. The post Physician, Know Thyself: A Self-Identity Crisis appeared first on The Physician ...
Posted: Feb 28 2018 @ 5:00 AM


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