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Against the Grain Financials
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personal finance, funding college, paying for college, debt free college, business consulting, business finances, minimalism, living free, going against the norm, financial freedom
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Peoria, Arizona, United States
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A surprising number of adults in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. Are you one of them' There is a way to change your situtation and get on the path to financial success. ...
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Wait for it….wait for it... I got engaged over the weekend!! To say that I’m overjoyed is an understatement. This new found title has started me thinking about the topic of weddings. I’m 40 years old and have never been engaged, let alone married. So I can’t say that I’m experienced in all things weddings. However, I have watched many of my friends and family get married. Most of them ...
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It's amazing how much the way we eat and where we eat can affect our finances. If we focused more on food preparation we could make a happier and healthier future for ourselves. ...
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Six essential financial conversations that each couple needs to have during their relationship. See how close you and your spouse can become by having these conversations. ...
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Talking about money is still stigmatized today. This can drastically reduce our financial security for us and our children. Are you held back because of your financial stigmas taught to you by society' ...
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What are you forgetting to do in your business' Many self employed overlook the planning of their retirement. Remember to plan your retirement and don't let your blind spot prevent you from preparing a secure future for you and your family. ...
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My story of how I paid for college without using student loans and traveled the world while doing it. This is still attainable today! ...
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How I regret spending a $5,000 gift in my college years. ...
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Is college really necessary for success in today's world' ...
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