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Finance, Minimalism, Frugality, Budgeting, Happiness, Health, Fitness, Clean living, Vegan, Travel, Travel hacking
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San Diego, California, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
Doctor (Physician)
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Traveling I have always loved traveling since I was a little kid. In fact, my first international trip occurred when my parents took me to Mexico City as a one year old boy. Do I clearly remember everything about that trip? No. But I do have some vague memories of it based on the stories […] The post Traveling Made Me Who I Am Today appeared first on Dr. McFrugal. ...
Posted: May 23 2018 @ 3:44 AM
Buy nothing… sounds easy enough That’s what I thought back in January when I first heard that other bloggers were doing it. My wife and I are relatively frugal and semi-miimalists. How hard can it be, right? So I accepted the challenge. The first three months (January, February, and March) were not ultra-frugal. We bought […] The post Buy Nothing Update: April, The Month We Came Close To Buying Nothing appeared ...
Posted: May 08 2018 @ 4:35 AM
Two weeks ago from today, I drove off with a new car. After a long two year wait, my Tesla Model 3 finally arrived! A quick, completely biased review I love the car. It rides like nothing else and it’s an absolute joy to drive. I remember the very first time I stepped on the Tesla […] The post How Driving A Tesla Saves Me Money appeared first on Dr. McFrugal. ...
Posted: Apr 28 2018 @ 9:33 PM
Every day, my wife and I express some gratitude for everything wonderful in our life. We live in a fairly nice house. All of my student loans are paid off. My wife’s law school loans will hopefully be forgiven in a few years through public service loan forgiveness (if it still exists). We recently welcomed […] The post Life of a Frugal Resident: Living like a Starving Artist in Hollywood appeared ...
Posted: Apr 23 2018 @ 10:26 AM
Can you remember what you were doing exactly 10 years ago''' I definitely can. It was a glorious time for me. Match Day had just happened at the end of March. Fortunately, I matched to one my top picks for residency. On top of that, I was about to graduate medical school in three months! […] The post 10 Years Later: WhenThe Bear Stearnly Strikes Again, What Will You Do' appeared ...
Posted: Apr 11 2018 @ 10:03 AM
It’s astounding to me how much the average American spends on food. According to the USDA, the average couple spends an average of $625 a month on groceries. That equates to $7,500 per year. And that’s just for groceries! It is also estimated that the average couple spends about 40% (or about $5,000 per year) […] The post Eat Better Than The Average American With A Grocery Budget Of Less Than ...
Posted: Apr 04 2018 @ 2:05 PM
I hope everybody had a Happy Easter / Passover / April Fools / National One Cent Day or whatever holiday you chose to celebrate this weekend.  😀 Spring is in full bloom here in Southern California. And because it’s a new month, it’s time to fill you in on our “buy nothing challenge” for the […] The post Buy Nothing Update: A Minimalist March appeared first on Dr. McFrugal. ...
Posted: Apr 02 2018 @ 6:48 AM
“Your life changes when you have a baby” My wife and I have heard this every other day since the day we announced that she’s pregnant. No doubt, our life did change. And so far it has been wonderful. A lot of our coworkers have also become new parents within the past year or two. Almost […] The post A Day In The Life… Then and Now appeared first on Dr. McFrugal. ...
Posted: Mar 31 2018 @ 4:43 AM
Yup. $#@! just got real. I’m officially a father now. Our baby came two weeks early and she was born just last week. She is beautifully precious and we love her so much. The night that she was born, I simply could not take my eyes off of her. I now know how much love […] The post Oh Baby! We Are Now Parents appeared first on Dr. McFrugal. ...
Posted: Mar 28 2018 @ 6:10 AM
Starting today, my wife is leaving the office and will no longer be working as an attorney. At least for the next fourteen months, that is. She is now preparing for her new job as a mother to a newborn baby girl.  Our life as parents will include a good dose of restless nights and […] The post She’s A Hustler Baby, And I Want You To Know (That She’s Leaving ...
Posted: Mar 16 2018 @ 4:04 AM


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