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Caroline Cocker
Debt, Budgeting
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Bedale , North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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Latest Blog Posts

Ok, a disclaimer first: yes the following post will detail 10 easy vegan meals BUT there will be some cooking involved. I live in far too cold a climate to be a raw vegan. (Also,… The post TOP 10 SUPER EASY VEGAN MEALS FOR WHEN YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO COOK appeared first on Caroline Cocker. ...
Posted: Nov 08 2018 @ 4:00 AM
This is not a post about the end of the Earth; fire and brimstone and that whole palava. The world will be fine. It’s a badass planet. A bit hotter, but when has that ever… The post 10 EASY WAYS TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT appeared first on Caroline Cocker. ...
Posted: Nov 01 2018 @ 4:00 AM
So, you’ve made the decision to start transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Yay! If you’re apprehensive, unclear or frightened of dropping down dead from starvation, don’t worry. I got choo. 1. Embrace carbs Carbs have… The post HOW TO BE VEGAN: 7 TIPS FOR TRANSITIONING TO VEGANISM appeared first on Caroline Cocker. ...
Posted: Oct 25 2018 @ 4:00 AM
I am the authority on how to be vegan when your family isn’t. I’m not just saying that. Sure, my parents fed us a lot of veggie stuff when I was a kid, but mainly… The post HOW TO BE VEGAN WHEN YOUR FAMILY ISN’T appeared first on Caroline Cocker. ...
Posted: Oct 18 2018 @ 4:00 AM
Ok kids, today we’re going to learn about all the reasons to go vegan. Exciting, no? Trust me, as a lifelong congregation member in the church of cheese, I needed to know all of this… The post 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD GO VEGAN RIGHT NOW appeared first on Caroline Cocker. ...
Posted: Oct 11 2018 @ 4:00 AM
So, the deadline for my writing challenge is tomorrow and I FINISHED MY DAMN BOOK. Yaaaaasssss. I may have done a terrible job at drinking no alcohol and my hedgehog may have died, BUT I FINISHED MY DAMN BOOK. And in the immortal words of Meatloaf, one out of three ain’t bad. No, wait. Anyway. Oh, another small victory is that for the first time EVER, I also finished a ...
Posted: Sep 21 2018 @ 3:42 PM
I’m trying a thing today where I just write the SEO title of this post in the first sentence, entirely contextless, for the SEO juice, so here goes: productivity tips for writers. Wheeey. This may be something I do for every post. Ngl, it’s easier than trying to smoothly fit it into my introductory sentence. Here’s the thing though; I want my blog to be found easily. I also don’t ...
Posted: Sep 13 2018 @ 12:29 PM
I did intend to set myself this writing challenge because I’ve recently just had a lovely summer holiday. I’d write a whole post detailing the activities I partook in during my staycation, but I can list them in four words: walked dogs, ate, napped. It. Was. Epic. I did some amazing things 😀 Guess what I DIDN’T do on my summer holidays?? WRITE ONE DAMN WORD. Well done me. As ...
Posted: Sep 06 2018 @ 2:34 PM
Ah, the elusive writing process. I’ve got to say, mine isn’t exactly (if at all) like I’d imagined it was going to be. Let’s begin with the setting. I had aspirations as a child to recline on a chaise longue dressed in floral loungewear dictating to my bespectacled assistant who noisy thumped each character into one of those massive old typewriters. As a student, I fancied a private study massive white ...
Posted: Aug 22 2018 @ 2:23 PM
PSA: if you ever thought I was going to stop wanging on about Terry Pratchett, this post proves that I’m not. Ever. The man was a genius. He knew so damn much about so many things AND MANAGED TO IMPART KNOWLEDGE ON ME. Of course, it helps that I’ve read every one of his Discworld books eleventy-billion times. I would highly recommend you do. Every time I pick out one of ...
Posted: Aug 14 2018 @ 3:58 PM


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