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Buying our first home was one of the biggest decisions Tommy and I have made as a couple.  It’s also been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, as it’s dramatically added to the overall quality of our life.  I’m not suggesting buying a house is easy.  Nor is it cheap.  And if you’re […] The post How To Overcome Your Fears As A First-Time Home Buyer appeared first on ...
Posted: Jun 28 2019 @ 1:56 PM
I’ve shared in previous posts  how I’m partial to the use of credit cards as they have several benefits when used wisely. Today’s post details the #1 benefit to owning a credit card: increasing your credit rating. Credit cards have a mixed reputation. On the one hand, they help people make secure transactions and protect […] The post Why Owning A Credit Card Could Help Your Credit Score appeared first on ...
Posted: May 30 2019 @ 1:22 PM
I’m back with my usual quarterly updates!  Overall, Q1 was a good cash flow quarter; making up for the deficit we had in Q4-18.  Read more details below!  Financial Updates New Car Fund: +$1570 (+$70 from Q4 2018) I kept things pretty consistent with my car savings contributions this quarter.  And I may or may […] The post Q1 2019: An Update On Our Life & Finances appeared first on Fivefeetsmall ...
Posted: Apr 11 2019 @ 2:30 AM
March brought sunshine in multiple forms for me.  After just 8 months of being with my company I was surprised to find I’d been awarded a small raise and bonus! The amount wasn’t anything to phone home about, but it was great unexpected news for me! In typical fashion, I got straight to the math […] The post How I Allocated An Unexpected Windfall appeared first on Fivefeetsmall | A Personal ...
Posted: Mar 28 2019 @ 5:51 PM
2018 seems to be a long lost memory with 2019 already in full swing!  Similar to previous years, I’ve taken time to reflect on my financial and personal goals for the year.  I’ve found doing this at the beginning of each year has truly helped me stay accountable.  Below are my goals for the year: […] The post 2019 Financial and Personal Goals appeared first on Fivefeetsmall | A Personal Finance ...
Posted: Jan 31 2019 @ 6:30 AM
Financial Updates Contributions to 401(k): +10%I’ve officially passed the 6 month mark at my job and am now eligible to contribute to my employer’s 401(k). I elected to contribute 10% on a Roth basis and because I’m not a high income earner by any means my strategy for retirement saving has always been 1) Contribute […] The post Q4 Updates + A Recap Of 2018 appeared first on Fivefeetsmall | A ...
Posted: Dec 31 2018 @ 12:43 PM
I’m a little late posting this (just by a month but who’s actually tracking?!) but as the old saying goes ‘better late than never’.  I’ve truly enjoyed sharing financial and life updates on my blog.  I’ve gotten great feedback from these posts and they’ve created opportunity for some great discussions among my peers and I.  […] The post Q3 2018: An Update on Our Life & Finances appeared first on Fivefeetsmall ...
Posted: Nov 08 2018 @ 6:00 AM
I am SO excited to be partnering with Goodwill for this post!  Everyone knows Goodwill is a thrift store but the knowledge typically stops there. In Minnesota Goodwill provides employment services to people with barriers to work.  This includes people with disabilities, criminal histories, lack of high school diploma, etc. Those services help 4 Minnesotans get […] The post Creating Beautiful Tablescapes With Goodwill appeared first on Fivefeetsmall | A Personal Finance ...
Posted: Jul 10 2018 @ 5:00 AM
After a short hiatus from blogging, I’m back with some life updates and of course, an overview of my financial progress for 2Q18. Spoiler: it’s not good.  But it’s not all bad.  For starters, I QUIT MY JOB!!! It was completely unplanned and there were a lot of opportunity costs that came with me leaving […] The post Q2 2018 Update (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Good!) appeared first on Fivefeetsmall | ...
Posted: Jul 09 2018 @ 3:45 AM


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