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Reading Time: 6 minutes  Ah yes, the Great Australian Dream. What is it you ask? Well, since the beginning of time, us Aussies – we’ve got this fascination, no, not the right word, this need of owning our own home. The insatiable desire for the quarter acre block and a piece of land we can call … More The Evolving Great Australian Dream ...
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Reading Time: 5 minutes  Today’s post is courtesy of my friend Light Beam AKA “Mike’s friend from Canberra”. Light Beam works and resides in our nation’s capital and is employed in the public sector. But what makes Light Beam different to most public servants is that he works for the government body which sets and … More What Are The 3 Big Financial ‘Mistakes’ That People Make (and the first ...
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Reading Time: 4 minutes  Everyday all of us deal with failures. Some are big – “OMG I just had a car accident.” Some are small – “WTF why no organic cronuts left.” And some are just downright ridiculous – “My fantasy football captain went down injured in the first minute”. Yet, there are various moments … More How Did These Billionaires Approach Failure? ...
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Reading Time: 5 minutes  Howdy fellow Frugal Samuraites! Hope we all had a cracking weekend – the sun is out and looks like the worst of Winter is passing through FINALLY! It’s beeeeautiful! Did you head outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine? I did… well kinda – I mean, I did head into the city, … More What’s it Like at a Real Estate Seminar? ...
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Reading Time: 4 minutes  Hola! How’s it going ladies and gentlemen? Are we all enjoying our Wednesday night! I know, I know – there’s not too much to do on a Wednesday right. Seems like hump day is just a prelude to “getting it over with” and waiting for TGIF. But you know, there’s so … More An Example of the Power of Compound Interest… ...
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Reading Time: 5 minutes  What’s up guys – how y’all doing? Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! The days are slowly getting longer which means we’re coming through the back end of winter, as we limp forward through the second half of 2018. How’s your year coming along? Hopefully it’s been productive and fruitful so … More 5 Ways to Combat Stress ...
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“Hey, can you lend me twenty bucks?” I stopped in my tracks and surveyed the scene in front of me. A young man, dressed sharply in a suit and tie held out his hand with an air of confidence. A myriad of thoughts permeated through my mind. Did I know this person? Why is he … More 5 C’s of Credit ...
Posted: Jul 18 2018 @ 10:23 AM
Reading Time: 3 minutes  Last night whilst watching the 3rd/4th playoff of the World Cup – I found myself in an inadvertent quasi high-school reunion. There were 7 of us and more than half of the group I have not caught up with in years. What a pleasant surprise to see such old faces, all … More Go On, Reflect! ...
Posted: Jul 15 2018 @ 10:54 AM


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