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Show Notes:  Today we welcome Andy from Aardvark Advisor.  We get into all sorts of topics such as: Is there such thing as FI oversaturation? Personalities/dispositions that FI attracts Why do people not worry about financial or physical health even though they have the knowledge? Household incomes worldwide and geoarbitrage Tribalism If you could FIRE […] ...
Posted: Oct 09 2018 @ 3:30 AM
Show Notes: The dynamic duo are back with a solo show! Today we talk about Apple, FinCon, and a change of plans. Enjoy! ...
Posted: Sep 25 2018 @ 10:57 PM
Show Notes: Today, we chat with Dennis and Katie from Chain of Wealth! Dennis and Katie’s story and how Katie paid off $175k in a year Car co-signing horror stories Differences between Americans and immigrants 10-year plan Buying equities on margin Common bad financial advice Check them out! blog: chainofwealth.com twitter: @ChainOfWealth Like to hear […] ...
Posted: Sep 11 2018 @ 3:30 AM
I’ve been seeing a lot of 30 by 30 and 40 by 40 lists floating around the internet lately.  While I don’t know if I can complete 40 bucket list items by the time I turn 40, I do  think I can complete a good list by the time I’m 50. 1. Read a biography […] ...
Posted: Sep 09 2018 @ 7:04 PM
Show Notes: Erik from the Mastermind Within comes on to challenge the CTFs on traditional FI thoughts. Difficulty making money on business Investing in yourself vs stocks Will stocks always go up? Is the stock market the best investment? How does a Mastermind allocate assets? Critical thinking and conspiracy theories Check Erik out at themastermindwithin.com […] ...
Posted: Aug 28 2018 @ 3:30 AM
After many years of attending school, I learned a few things.  Working at a university after I graduated also let me see behind the curtain a bit more than the average person. With ever-increasing tuition costs, I figured imparting my wisdom might help a future college student that’s trying to save some money.  When I started […] ...
Posted: Aug 27 2018 @ 4:11 PM
It’s back to school season, which means everyone is bitching about tuition, books, and the unfairness of rising education costs. I was lucky enough to be able to get through all but one semester of my undergrad without student loans (lifehack: giving birth is hella expensive. Don’t do it while going to college).  I was […] ...
Posted: Aug 24 2018 @ 2:38 PM
Show Notes: Today we interview Ms. ZiYou from across the pond!  We hit on travel, the beauty tax, why Mr. CTF deserves a scolding, retiring on a million,  and how she ended up owning a home at 19 years old.  She’s one smart cookie, so listen up! Twitter: @ms_ziyou Blog: MsZiYou.com ...
Posted: Aug 21 2018 @ 3:30 AM
Show Notes: Mr. CTF isn’t around*, so I’m taking over.  We hit on all of the topics that have me all fired (FIREd?) up today. The fat pink luxury tax & other terrible things on Facebook College tuition Quality & sustainability versus price Striking a balance Reasons why I am striving for FI Enjoy! *He’ll […] ...
Posted: Aug 14 2018 @ 3:29 AM
Show Notes: Today we talk with Doc G from DiverseFI.com. Trading money for time Viewing tragedy Healthcare in the US Fat FIRE The many paths to FI Happiness and the “money-mind meld” Teaching kids about finances Real estate vs. stock market You can find Doc G at diversefi.com and on Twitter @DocGDiverseFI Camp FI South info can be found here. ...
Posted: Aug 07 2018 @ 3:30 AM


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