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Do you pay for your checking account? The average fee for a checking account has risen to more than $13 a month. Over a year, the costs amount to more than $161. Hard-working people needlessly squander hundreds of dollars annually when there is no reason to do so. A checking account is at the heart […] The post Best Free Checking Accounts: Top 3 With No Fee appeared first on Budgeting ...
Posted: Nov 13 2019 @ 6:23 PM
What kind of strategies do you have to reduce your expenses? Do you physically or digitally clip coupons? Wait for sales? Look for close-outs or clearances? Those are all good, but have you taken advantage of any cash back apps? If not, then you really need to give them a try and make every purchase […] The post 11 Best Cash Back Apps (Make Free Money) appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Oct 28 2019 @ 6:50 PM
Sometimes trying to save money can feel impossible. It’s not uncommon to feel like there is just never any money left over after the bills are paid. Saving sounds like something nice to do but tough to start. In fact, a survey by Bankrate revealed that most Americans save very little and 20% save nothing […] The post The Best Money Saving Apps to Download Today appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Sep 27 2019 @ 5:45 PM
If you ever find yourself thinking, “I have no money,” there may be a number of reasons for it. Some of these explanations may result from things that have little to do with the choices that you made. For example, you could have had an emergency medical expense that has left you in debt. Alternatively, […] The post I Have No Money! How to Climb out of the No Money Hole ...
Posted: Sep 20 2019 @ 5:44 PM
Building a line of credit is part of the transition into financial adulthood. Without good credit, you will have trouble with many of your needs, like buying a car or renting an apartment. As your family expands, good credit is necessary for financing your first home. It is essential to your financial health that you […] The post How to Build Credit for the First Time appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Sep 13 2019 @ 3:10 PM
Many people learn to handle their finances through trial and error but your kids shouldn’t have to. If you choose to educate your children about money now, you will help them to avoid a future full of financial hardship and confusion  Here are several ways of teaching kids about money that you can try. 1. […] The post Tips for Teaching Kids About Money appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Sep 06 2019 @ 1:47 PM
From the cost of cooling and heating your home to occasionally leaving the lights on, your energy bill can really rack up very quickly. Finding ways to save on energy bills is great for both your wallet and the environment. The good news is there are a lot of energy-saving products available on the market […] The post Save on Energy Bills This Month with These 9 Products appeared first on ...
Posted: Aug 23 2019 @ 5:10 PM
What would your life be like without the crushing weight of the debt that you currently carry on your shoulders? What could you do with the hundreds of dollars you spend every month on monthly payments (much of it in useless interest that only enriches the banks rather than paying down your debt)? For most […] The post Why It’s Important to Budget To Pay Off Debt appeared first on Budgeting ...
Posted: Aug 16 2019 @ 6:41 PM
Are you in need of a great personal finance book? Perhaps, you are ready to improve your finances this year but need some inspiration. Either way, we have compiled the very best personal finance books of 2019. Great books provide tons of valuable insights and motivation towards achieving your objectives. The following books have the […] The post The 8 Best Personal Finance Books of 2019 appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Aug 09 2019 @ 4:44 PM
If you want to get serious about saving money, you have to be smart with the items you purchase. While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional luxury purchase, to be able to afford those purchases you have to cut back in other areas. One way to be a savvy shopper is to […] The post The Top Money Saving Products on Amazon appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
Posted: Jul 31 2019 @ 8:05 PM


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