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This Drop app review will cover how Drop works, if it’s safe to use, how to redeem Drop points, and if downloading the Drop app is the right choice for you.   When you first find that new “magical unicorn, earn-free-money-app…” You’re gung-ho for it, guns a blazing! You’re using the app every chance you get. […] The post Drop App Review: How To Get Free Gift Cards (On Autopilot) appeared first ...
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Let me start with the bad news: college is a money-sucking machine, hungry for every last penny you have. After spending your entire savings/paycheck on textbooks you’ll never read, a calculator you’ll never really learn how to use, and those GE classes that are literally just a waste of money…. …..what’s left for you? How […] The post How to Save Money In College: The Ultimate Guide for 2018 appeared first ...
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Eating healthy on a tight budget is the ultimate oxymoron… … that I have set to destroy, right now. With these 12 money saving tips added to your tool belt, eating healthy and saving money are one in the same. 1. Snap A Picture Of Your Grocery Receipt and GET PAID. Want healthy food to […] The post Overcome The Ultimate Oxymoron: Eat Healthy On A Tight Budget 11 Ways appeared ...
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This is a sponsored post by PlaytestCloud. All opinions are 100% our own. Your problem: Most online side hustles have you doing “hit your head on the table with boredom” type of work (for cents on the dollar no less). You sign up with the intention of making it rain $$$ with as little effort […] The post Make Easy Money Playing (testing) Games: PlaytestCloud Review appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
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A free Amazon gift card is a buyer’s dream. Let me explain. Which sounds better? >> Happy Birthday! Here’s $100 cash. >> Happy Birthday! Here’s a $100 amazon gift card!  TAKE THE GIFT CARD! Why? Because cash has a major downfall… It can be spent on anything. Of course, you’ll want to spend that b-day money on […] The post 25+ Lazy Ways To Get A Free Amazon Gift Card (fast) 2018 Guide ...
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As humans, we don’t like to stand still. Our wanderlust minds yearn to frolic through tulip covered meadows in the South of France. (Or something like that.) Anything to let us escape the mundane daily ritual that is #reallife. … wake up, hit snooze 6-7 times, rush to get ready, wait in line at the […] The post Secrets to Traveling on a Budget: 15 Tips to Save Money On Vacation ...
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Let me start with the bad news: Clothing stores know every trick in the book to swindle you out of money you don’t intend to spend. >> They bombard you with Facebook ads displaying items you just browsed (to entice you to go back and buy). >> Those “Suggestions For you” are really a gentle […] The post How to Never Pay Full Price For Fashion | 10 Tips to Save ...
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Today’s post is by Greg from Club Thrifty where him and his wife Holly share how to travel more on less!  After a long winter and the lazy, crazy days of summer just around the corner, you’re just itchin’ to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Time to plan that summer vacay! That’s the […] The post Summer Vacation Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank appeared first on Budgeting Couple. ...
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Plain and simple, grocery stores are where your monthly budget goes to die. You go in with a list (or phone) in hand Or, let’s be real here, you’re doing it all from memory… ….ready to buy exactly what you “need” for this week’s meals. Nothing else. You Really mean it this time! But then […] The post How To End The “Go In for 1 Thing Come Out With 20” ...
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Posted: Mar 28 2018 @ 5:39 PM


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