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Early Retirement
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It seems like ages have passed since our mortgage offer was received. Back at that stage we were told that the next step would be to request the relevant searches. They would be due by 20th March (we decided not to pay extra to have them expedited). At which point our conveyancer would undertake a... ...
Posted: Mar 28 2019 @ 7:47 AM
Last Monday, Habito contacted me to advise that Nationwide had agreed our mortgage in principle – subject to valuation. Progress! The valuation was scheduled for last Thursday (Valentine’s Day) and was being done at the same time as a RICS HomeBuyer Report that I had commissioned. We weren’t expecting to hear anything until this week,... ...
Posted: Feb 19 2019 @ 10:22 AM
Following on from my bold decisiveness when selecting a solicitor, next up to sort was the dreaded mortgage application. I had already received a few draft mortgage illustrations online, one of which resulted in a basic Decision in Principle (DIP) document being sent to me. This came in useful as after having my offer accepted... ...
Posted: Feb 07 2019 @ 2:44 PM
Well that was easy. After doing a bit of reading, I discovered there was no real benefit to choosing a local solicitor for conveyancing duties. So I decided to pluck one out of thin air. I had bookmarked the site reallymoving (full of useful tips for anyone going through the house buying/selling process) and filled... ...
Posted: Jan 29 2019 @ 6:35 AM
I’ve not slept much these last few nights – my brain has been in overdrive thinking about the apartment we viewed on Saturday. We had come to a decision: that we would like to make an offer! But we had not considered the possibility of moving this soon. Our house is not yet ready for... ...
Posted: Jan 28 2019 @ 12:28 PM
We decided to make a weekend of our visit to Kent and stayed in a lovely Airbnb that I managed to snag for less than £35, including breakfast). The weather was cold and a little drizzly but that didn’t matter. We were on a mission. Since booking the initial viewing on Tuesday, I had lined... ...
Posted: Jan 27 2019 @ 5:16 PM
Our plan for early retirement has remained the same for the past decade or so. To move to the Kent coast and live out the rest of our days by the sea. To go for morning runs along the cliffs, to have everything on our doorstep and not need a car. To experience the overcrowded... ...
Posted: Jan 22 2019 @ 1:48 PM
Time for the last status update of the year.. General This post is a little later than usual because I’ve been away on holiday. And what a holiday it was! We went to Riviera Maya (near Cancun) in Mexico, for a thoroughly indulgent 14-day all-inclusive break covering both Christmas and New Year. It was wonderful!... ...
Posted: Jan 10 2019 @ 11:13 AM
Time for November’s status update, which I warn you now, is a little bit negative… General I’m feeling a bit down with stuff at the moment. So I’m going to open my heart a little and have a good whinge! This blog is not currently doing it for me. All I’ve managed in recent months... ...
Posted: Dec 05 2018 @ 7:18 AM
Time for October’s status update.. General Go Sober for October was an epic fail, sadly. My weight has remained somewhat static in October so I am no closer to my goal of 75kg. With our Christmas beach holiday less than 7 weeks away it is not looking likely. Another perfect month of closing all my Activity... ...
Posted: Nov 04 2018 @ 6:29 AM


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