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Teach My Kids Money
allowance, debt, mindset, children, kids, financial literacy, financial education, teach, teach kids, teach kids money, budget, opportunity cost, delayed gratification
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Florida, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Our five year old son saved up his money to buy himself a hamster. ...
Posted: Nov 12 2018 @ 10:15 PM
When you think of the most basic principles of personal finance, budgeting is one of the first things to come to mind. Love them or hate them, a budget is the most foundational piece of a well-balanced personal finance practice. Budget has become a term in our world that’s very similar to the word diet, […] ...
Posted: Nov 08 2018 @ 1:01 PM
Our oldest son got a $1/week raise with his latest birthday. Check out how we handled the raise to help him learn the benefits of saving your raises! ...
Posted: Oct 31 2018 @ 1:58 PM
So you want your kids to learn good money habits? You want them to demonstrate how to handle money responsibly as they get older? I get questions about this on a daily basis, often multiple times a day. “Nick, how can I teach my kids about money?” “What resources are out there to help my […] ...
Posted: Oct 24 2018 @ 4:21 PM
How to teach your kids to save by letting them waste their money ...
Posted: Oct 15 2018 @ 3:05 PM
Motivation is a wonderful feeling. Being motivated is one of those things that gets you going when times are tough. It gives you courage to start something new. But what happens when that feeling wanes? Motivation comes and goes, just like happiness, anger, frustration, and excitement. So when motivation disappears, do you just stop what […] ...
Posted: Aug 21 2018 @ 2:21 PM
Nobody likes failure. It hurts. It stings. It can really suck. You didn’t get that promotion at work recently? You got fired from your job? Your wife made other plans on what was supposed to be your date night? Your husband pointed out a funny taste in the dinner you just spent two hours cooking? […] ...
Posted: Jul 05 2018 @ 4:48 PM
A few weeks ago, Alana was out of town to present at a conference. This was a big deal for her: it meant validation that she was onto something great in her career, and it also meant she had the ability to go away for a few days and recharge. Let’s face it—when you have […] ...
Posted: May 23 2018 @ 11:21 AM
Oh, our kids have it so good, don’t they! They never had to walk barefoot to school, both ways, in the snow. Well…I guess neither did I. My parents always dropped me off or I rode the bus. Until January 2018, we did the same for our oldest son. He’s six years old and attending […] ...
Posted: May 15 2018 @ 11:50 AM
A walk through my decision making process, using my family values, weighing benefits and opportunity cost, and thinking clearly. ...
Posted: May 10 2018 @ 1:37 PM


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