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Winning To Wealth
General Finance
budgeting, debt, saving money, family, investing
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Houston, Texas, United States
African American
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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It can be so easy to get caught in the moment and buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need. These purchases can be fueled by a struggle to tell ourselves and others no or even a struggle to keep up a false image of success. At the end of the day, we’re still responsible […] The post 13 Items People Buy That Are A Waste of Money appeared first on ...
Posted: Jul 06 2018 @ 11:59 PM
I’ll be honest: my skills in the area of personal finance were terrible until about 4 years ago. I’m not ashamed to admit that I learned best practices by failing then learning from my mistakes. But that’s the beauty of personal finance: it’s never too late to start turning things around. Just over the last […] The post 13 Personal Finance Rules You Need To Start Following appeared first on WInning ...
Posted: Jun 27 2018 @ 10:20 AM
If you’re reading this, that means something has already clicked for you. Maybe it was a debt collector calling, frustration over a lack of money, fear of the future, or something else, but what I do know is you’re tired of not winning with money. And that’s a great place to be. But then there’s […] The post How To Get Your Spouse On Board With Your Financial Plan appeared first ...
Posted: Jun 04 2018 @ 8:13 AM
Your net worth can be defined as the value of what you own minus what you owe. When Taylor and I got married in October of 2014, we had over $61,000 worth of debt and only a few thousand dollars saved. This meant that our net worth was negative. Thankfully, we both agreed to a […] The post 8 Simple Ways To Multiply Your Net Worth appeared first on WInning To ...
Posted: May 20 2018 @ 11:40 AM
Two facts about me and gift-giving: I always buy at the last minute. I don’t like to spend a ton of money. Since I’m a first-time Dad this year, I decided to give you all a list of things that I personally think Dads would find useful and awesome. Now let’s be clear on something: […] The post Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love That Won’t Leave You Broke appeared first on ...
Posted: May 19 2018 @ 4:34 PM
For the longest time, Taylor and I struggled to control food spending. Actually, to be brutally honest, we sucked at managing this area of our budget. It felt nearly impossible for us to save money in this area. As a matter of fact, the first month we created a budget, we realized that we had spent […] The post How We Save Money On Food Every Single Week appeared first on WInning ...
Posted: May 07 2018 @ 11:42 PM
I really don’t like wasting time or money. A big part of why I don’t like going to the grocery store is because I usually find some kind of way to pull off both in under 30 minutes. Then factor in having to actually cook the food and it created a nightmare. I would either […] The post 9 Keto Recipes That Save Time & Money appeared first on WInning To ...
Posted: May 06 2018 @ 5:28 PM
We’ve only been parents for three weeks now and I can already tell you babies are more expensive than people let on. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t financially prepare for a baby. I mean you have to buy diapers, clothes, furniture, pay for daycare, and so much more, but those are all things […] The post How We Prepared For A Baby Financially appeared first on WInning To Wealth. ...
Posted: May 02 2018 @ 11:13 PM
There was about a 4 year stretch where I felt like I made every financial mistake imaginable. I went from having a few thousands bucks saved to being $61,000 in debt all because I had no idea what I was doing with money. Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve made your fair share of […] The post Are These 7 Financial Mistakes Keeping You Broke? appeared first on WInning To ...
Posted: Apr 29 2018 @ 10:49 PM
The most difficult financial period of my life wasn’t working like crazy to pay off $61,000 in debt in 16 months. It was the season in which I was not only living paycheck to paycheck, but was behind and couldn’t figure out how to get caught up on bills. The creditors wouldn’t stop calling, and […] The post How To Get Caught Up On Bills When You’re Behind appeared first on ...
Posted: Apr 25 2018 @ 5:47 PM


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-- Scuba Steve, MyScubaGearIsSoWet.com

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