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Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Doesn’t it feel like the housing market is out of control again? Realtors on Facebook are telling us that we should hurry up and buy/sell before it’s too late. Too late for what? Before we miss the opportunity to buy at the top of the market? We are constantly reminded that we have falling unemployment, soaring rental prices and increasing interest rates, so now is the time to buy/sell if ...
Posted: Aug 04 2018 @ 5:23 PM
It’s an emergency sound the alarm! We aren’t talking about a medical emergency this is a financial emergency! Knowing how to calculate your emergency fund will help you get through your next unexpected unfortunate event. Our Unexpected Unfortunate Events E.R. Visits A few years ago my company went through a merger and this meant a lot of changes. One of the biggest challenges was getting accustomed to a new health insurance ...
March was filled with doctor visits (medical bills) for a few different reasons and Alfredo got a haircut! Yes, I said haircut because Alfredo has hair and not fur since he is hypoallergenic. We also splurged on some much-needed home improvements. Medical Bills Avery was in and out of the doctors this month for a couple of reasons but one was due to constipation. Until we had a diagnosis it ...
Lotto fever is back with ‘The Mega Millions’ jackpot over $502 million!!! What would you do with your lottery winnings besides sharing a portion with us ACCOUNTableCouple for giving you all this sweet advice' Have you ever visioned yourself winning the lottery and driving off into the sunset' I’m sure we all have but I bet no one has thought about how an unexpected fortune could quickly turn into a nightmare! Nightmare ...
A job change can be very exciting but did you know that it can also impact you financially' Did you forget about a 401(k) at a previous employer before switching jobs' We have experienced this dilemma first hand. There are a few options available for your 401(k) when switching jobs. What should you consider before switching jobs' 1.  Are you fully vested and what the heck does this mean' Fully vested (in this ...
I think you will agree with me when I tell you that one of the biggest costs associated with having children is funding their education. This is why we opened up a 529 college savings plan for Avery before her first birthday. You can’t solely rely on a scholarship or aid to help you get through this financial trek. The reality is that college costs will hit you and your ...
Sorry that we didn’t have a more entertaining update since our last post (January’s Spending and Saving), but since we are already into March I felt that it was important to get February’s data out here ASAP. You might be thinking this is another boring spending and savings report but you’ll realize what I caught because of my obsession with our budget… Krystal and I are on a fixed salary so ...
Finally a juicy post with real numbers (percentages)! Krystal and I agreed that putting our spending and budgeting amounts out there for the world to see was the only way to hold ourselves ACCOUNTable. In order to keep some privacy with our finances, we decided to hold back on exposing the exact amounts for the time being. There are too many reasons behind this decision that I won’t get into. ...
Facebook just reminded me that my husband and I have been “Friends” for 11 years. Does this mean we are a Millennial couple' Millennial…its thrown around like a filler word these days and I am not really sure what it means or how it relates to us. According to www.dictionary.com (yes, a website, not the real dictionary… I know, I know) A Millennial is “A person reaching young adulthood in ...
At the end of 2017, we were both fed up of hearing one another constantly mentioning unrealistic “BIGLY” purchases. Krystal was always texting me links to homes on Zillow that were unaffordable and I would immediately respond with frustration and anger. To her dismay and frustration, she expressed not being on the same page with “our life goals.” One day I finally responded with “Show me the money!” A bigger house ...


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