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I still remember the day I paid off my mortgage.  We turned a 30-year mortgage into a 10-year mortgage.  When I wrote that final check, I cannot begin to describe the feeling.  It’s surreal. Waking up in the morning, and shouting to the world, “I paid off my mortgage.”  We even thought about having a “mortgage burning party” but were afraid of the jealousy that might occur with those who ...
Posted: Jun 16 2018 @ 12:18 PM
The negative impact of Inheritance Is there a negative impact of inheritance?  American inheritances according to a 2013 survey average $177,000. Would you turn down such a large sum if you had the foresight it would destroy your family relationships? I don’t think so. It is tax-free money that you do not have to work for. It is gravy on top of an already growing portfolio. The death of the ...
Posted: Jun 10 2018 @ 11:45 AM
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Truth or Fiction Our local college uses Rich Dad Poor Dad for a critical writing class.   At first glance, I thought, “wow, what a great book for a critical writing class.” Companies like Amway and other multilevel marketing businesses  use this book for their neophyte sales staff to give them the motivation to sell their products.   My brother often jaunted down to his so-called seminars on selling annuities ...
Posted: Jun 03 2018 @ 11:48 AM
Rent control is summed up by Nelson’s third law  “the worse a government regulation, the harder it is to get rid of.” This blog is about how to reach the “land of critical mass”, the land of financial freedom when you wake up one day and you say to yourself, “I no longer have to work.” It is not about politics but sometimes politics inevitably enters the equation. My interest ...
Posted: May 21 2018 @ 3:53 AM
Three million dollars may not be enough to retire on or so I have heard.  Three million dollars may not be enough to retire on.  I often sit down grab my calculator and wonder how much I need to retire.  Every milestone I reach,  I google “is x,xxx,xxx” enough to retire?  Apparently, I am not the only one doing this. I google “can I retire on a million dollars?” an ...
Posted: May 17 2018 @ 11:24 AM
Foster Care  part two This is  Foster Care in Retirement part two Raeann was petite in nature.  A friend described her as a “Porcelain doll”    which was very befitting for her description.  She would always be the one at the end of the line if the line was formed according to size. When we arrived at the satellite home, Raeann was drinking an iced tea.  She didn’t speak, and walked apart ...
Posted: May 14 2018 @ 11:25 AM
Foster care in retirement is a way to give back to the community and invest in a child. Meeting our Foster child It was a Friday afternoon, the wind was blowing, and the sunroof was open as I sped down highway 84 in my Toyota Camry. I heard the blaze of sirens behind me accompanied with flashing red lights.  I pulled to the side of the road and a police ...
Posted: May 11 2018 @ 2:59 AM
The Goal – Debt Free   Never pay a finance charge on credit card. “the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.” Albert Einstein.   The best way to increase wealth is to stay out of debt. The term the credit card companies like to use for those who pay their balances every month is deadbeat. Well I am a deadbeat when it comes to credit cards ...
Posted: May 08 2018 @ 8:35 PM
I had to go on disability.  This was a decision I was not prepared to make. I have two degrees. Midway through my career, I became one of the 9 million people on the disability roles. More on that in a separate post. This post is how to prepare for Social Security Disability. The first rule of thumb is you have to be truly disabled according to Social Security guidelines. ...
Posted: May 07 2018 @ 2:14 PM
My dad was not a very good financial planner when it came to his own finances.  He avoided the stock market because he remembered in vivid detail about the crash of 29 as did many from his generation. Prior to the crash of 29, we have all heard that it took until 1954 for the Dow to recover to its pre-crash value, but this is only in nominal terms.  It ...
Posted: May 01 2018 @ 10:39 PM


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