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cryptocurrency, bitcoin, initial coin offering, forex, trading, bitcoin trading, blockchain
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Enugu, Nigeria
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
Cryptocurrency Investment, SEO and Web Designing
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Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode– Odin Mode is only visible on Samsung devices and is therefore known as Samsung Odin Mode. Odin is a software used by Samsung to flash his devices and to introduce new and custom ROMs and firmware. Many users enter Odin mode on their Samsung phones to shoot it, and […] The post SAMSUNG PHONE STUCK IN ODIN MODE [RESOLVED] 2019 EDITION appeared first on Trendy ...
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Samsung Tablet won’t Turn On- Samsung Galaxy S5 is an excellent smartphone for its various features and durable hardware. The people who provide the guarantee for its reliability and user-friendly interface. However, they also say “sometimes my Galaxy S5 does not turn on and stay stuck on a black screen”. Samsung S5 does not turn on is not […] The post SAMSUNG S5 WILL NOT TURN ON 2019[RESOLVED] STEP BY STEP GUIDE appeared first ...
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Com.Android.Phone Has Stopped- Android SystemUI is not responsive or Android; unfortunately, the process com.android.systemui stop is a not a rare error and is observed on all Android devices these days. The error usually pops up on your device while you are using it in a message on the Android-powered screen. Unfortunately, the process com.android.systemui has stopped. […] The post STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO FIX ANDROID SYSTEMUI HAS STOPPED ERROR appeared first ...
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Moto Phone Android Oreo Update – Motorola has not been so forthcoming when it comes to updating ever since Lenovo bought the company. The late arrival of Nougat update means a testament to this fact, and there is no room for doubt to be the same with Android 8 Oreo Update or the Oreo Update. Despite their slack, they […] The post THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE: MOTO PHONE ANDROID OREO UPDATE (G4 / G4 PLUS / ...
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Android Repair Software to Fix Android System Issues – Functionality of a Smartphone and tablet depends on the merits of its Android operating system. If the Android system works appropriately, it makes the day, but once you discover something is not right on the system, it creates a situation of confusion. As most of our precious time […] The post TOP 3 ANDROID REPAIR SOFTWARE TO FIX ANDROID SYSTEM ISSUES appeared first on ...
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Blueborne Vulnerability Scanner– If you want to protect your smartphone, desktop, tablet, or almost every other smart device, then you should be familiar with fast-growing BlueBorne attacks. Because it is spread over the air, it can easily affect your device. Currently, over 8.2 billion Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux devices are vulnerable to this attack. […] The post ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BLUEBORNE VULNERABILITY SCANNER 2019 EDITION appeared first on Trendy Tech ...
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How To Unlock T Mobile iPhone- Are you sick of telecom companies to have a part in which network providers you get to use and how? Well, you’re not alone with your frustration. For example, if you have a T Mobile iPhone and you want to switch to another carrier because of the wrong network, you have […] The post HOW TO UNLOCK T-MOBILE IPHONE ONLINE WITHOUT SIM CARD 2019 STEP BY STEP ...
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Won’t Turn On Or Charge– Samsung Galaxy S6 is a popular smartphone with a huge fan base. People praise it for its features and durability. However, some users also complain I’m saying on Samsung Galaxy S6 do not want to turn on. This is a strange error because your Samsung Galaxy S6 […] The post WHAT TO DO IF SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 WILL NOT TURN ON? appeared first ...
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Android Black Screen Of Death– Have you got the cooling error of the Android device home screen? Or the notification light keeps blinking without anything displayed on display? Then you are facing the Android black screen of death. This situation is familiar with many mobile Android users, and they always hunt for solutions to get rid of […] The post WHAT TO DO WHEN ANDROID HAS BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH? appeared first on ...
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Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off With Itself?- Android users are usually pleased with their smartphones; however, sometimes, they complain about their phones switching fast. It’s a strange situation to be in because you’re momentarily using your phone and the next time it suddenly turns itself off, and when you happen to turn it on […] The post WHY DOES MY PHONE KEEP TURNING OFF WITH ITSELF? TIPS TO FIX IT ...
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