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This has been on my mind for the last few months, especially since I launched Invested Wallet in late June. Technically, I guess you can categorize this site has part of the FIRE movement. If you are not familiar with this acronym, it simply stands for, “Financial Independence/Retire Early.” Yet, following along with this movement, […] The post The 3 Problems with the Current FIRE Movement appeared first on Invested Wallet. ...
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While I like to write about personal finance, financial freedom, etc. I also like and will be writing more about investing too. After all, I did name this website Invested Wallet (; Since September recently passed, I thought it was fitting to write about my recent four year anniversary of investing in the stock market […] The post Four Years of Stock Investing On My Own: The Lessons I’ve Learned appeared ...
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I’ve been reading a lot more personal finance articles that have highlighted how someone has reached a massive amount of money saved. I’ve seen even more about those who have retired early with six-figures to a million+ saved by their mid-30s. And I’ve also noticed the comments, whether on the posts themselves or on social […] The post Mentality Trumps High Income: How To Really Boost Your Savings appeared first on ...
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Whether you actively dedicate time to your finances or not, you have probably heard of the term emergency fund. I personally do not really like that term, because you should be actively saving and investing regardless of an emergency. But that’s a whole different topic. An emergency fund is simply an account for funds put […] The post Should You Invest Your Emergency Fund? The Complete Answer appeared first on Invested ...
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