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Money On Fire
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Investing, frugality, making money online
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Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Most apps have found out that people love keeping up hot streaks, that’s why mobile games give you bonuses for showing up every day, Duolingo keeps a count of how many days you have used the app in a row, every app, in fact, that requires regular use uses the fact that people love trying […] The post Keep Up The Win Streak appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 15 2018 @ 5:39 AM
It’s what you’ve got to start with before you can start doing good work. Everyone goes through writing rubbish posts, drawing ugly pictures and painting pictures that don’t turn out as you wanted. But everyone who persists gets better. And it’s the only way you can get to the part where you start doing good […] The post Doing Bad Work appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 14 2018 @ 5:31 AM
Who really wins when your bill gets added up wrong and you don’t say anything? I’m sure you say something if it costs more than you expected, maybe somethings been added on twice, but what about when there are missing items and it’s cheaper? It might be a couple of deserts or it could be […] The post When The Bill Is Added Up Wrong appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 13 2018 @ 5:59 AM
People love the thought of a mentor that they can have access to when they’re starting something new. Someone to ask questions to and guide them through the struggles, but more often people complain about not being able to find a mentor. Where are they hiding? How do you find one? Do you just ask? […] The post Thanks To The 4 Mentors I’ve Never Met Or Talked To appeared first ...
Posted: Nov 12 2018 @ 5:46 AM
Thanks to Ditch the Cave for sharing this on Twitter. The BBC have released a money quiz for teenagers to go along with a new textbook for schools that will help teenagers deal with their own personal finances. I took the quiz and got a disappointing 6/10… Give it a try and see how you do. […] The post Money Quiz For Teenagers appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 11 2018 @ 7:33 AM
I’m very guilty for coming up with a huge goal of something I want to accomplish and then getting really obsessed with what it will mean once I get there, how things will be better or how I feel once I manage. But I make a plan to, for a new niche site for instance, […] The post Don’t Focus On The Goal Focus On The Habits That Get Your There ...
Posted: Nov 10 2018 @ 6:04 AM
This is one of the stranger things I’ve come across lately, if you talk about yourself in the third person, so refer to yourself as you, he, she or even your name, then it can lessen negative self-talk and cause a more positive emotional reaction to a situation. I think is because we are a lot […] The post Feeling Down? Talk To Yourself In The Third Person appeared first on Money ...
Posted: Nov 09 2018 @ 5:26 AM
Despite the fact that I use it almost every day I decided to cancel my Spotify premium account. I want to see if I can manage without it for a month, and if I can with no loss in happiness then I can keep it cancelled and save my self a tenner a month. But […] The post I Cancelled My Spotify Account appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 08 2018 @ 5:16 AM
Do Not Disturb. What a wonderful and powerful setting on your phone, a way to silence all pings, beeps, and notifications while still having full use of your device when you need it. I try and keep my phone on Do Not Disturb as much as possible unless I’m expecting a text or call. I’m […] The post The Best Most Unused Feature On Your Mobile Phone appeared first on Money ...
Posted: Nov 07 2018 @ 5:38 AM
The hardest part of starting a business isn’t trying to get clients, or sorting out a website, or sourcing your products. No, the hardest part is not knowing if you’ll succeed. Not knowing if it will really work and battling through that self-doubt, putting in the emotional labour and putting yourself on the line by […] The post The Hardest Part Of Starting A Business appeared first on Money On FIRE. ...
Posted: Nov 06 2018 @ 5:34 AM


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