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For the month of June, I challenged myself to make art every day for 30 days.   What is a 30-day challenge A couple of years ago, I discovered personal 30-day challenges.  I had backed a Kickstarter campaign by Kate Matsudaira for the Spark Planner. It’s an analog agenda and what I liked about it … Continue reading "I Tried a 30-day Challenge and This Is What Happened" The post I ...
Posted: Jul 21 2019 @ 9:35 AM
There are a lot of articles and publications dedicated to saving money, paying down debt.  Articles on changing your money mindset.  How to manifest riches. But how many of them teach us how to spend our money? Spending seems to be an after-thought.  Or an inevitability.  We view spending passively.  We work on saving, but … Continue reading "After Burning Out: This Is How I Spend My Money Now" The post ...
Posted: Jul 14 2019 @ 10:20 AM
Welcome to the inaugural volume of Sunday Brunch’s new series of Book & Brunch.  In this series, I hope to highlight books that piqued my interest, to discuss the merits of the concepts and generally discuss books with you.  It’s kinda like a virtual book club. After each book, how about we do a rating … Continue reading "The Truth About Bestselling Book Girl, Stop Apologizing" The post The Truth About ...
Posted: Jul 07 2019 @ 10:01 AM
“How do you feel?” I was lightheaded and my hands were shaking.  I was about to re-enter the exam room. I knew before even signing up that the odds were stacked against me.  Historically, only 1 in 3 people pass.  I’ve heard the horror stories from coworkers. That was when my instructor saw me and … Continue reading "From Sad Middles to Happy Endings: Mid-Year Check In" The post From Sad ...
Posted: Jun 30 2019 @ 9:46 AM
Money is enigmatic.  It means different things to different people.  Different ways to save, different ways to budget.   However, our culture shares some common misconceptions when it comes to money. These misconceptions, or myths, are so ingrained that it’s often buried in our subconscious.  Most of them are never really questioned, they are taken as … Continue reading "6 Money Myths Holding You Back" The post 6 Money Myths Holding You ...
Posted: Jun 23 2019 @ 9:45 AM
If I asked you “how is your relationship with money”, what would you say? Would you shrug and mutter “um, good, I guess?” or “I have a love/hate relationship with money” or maybe “I try not to think about it too much?” Ok, now what if I rephrased the question. “If money was a person … Continue reading "How to Repair Your Relationship with Money in 6 Easy Steps" The post ...
Posted: Jun 16 2019 @ 9:58 AM
I have a confession. Unlike most teens, I did not have a rite of passage of getting my driver’s license when I turned 16. No matter where you grew up, getting your drivers’ license was the symbol of freedom in our society.   It was a big deal. As we watched in Clueless, failing your drivers’ … Continue reading "On The Road to Financial Literacy" The post On The Road to Financial ...
Posted: Jun 09 2019 @ 9:45 AM
You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can’t have it both ways. We’ve all heard it.  By now, we are all old enough to know that we can’t get something for nothing.  Everything has a cost, a catch. If something sounds too good … Continue reading "Pitfalls of Passive Investing" The post Pitfalls of Passive Investing appeared first on ...
Posted: Jun 02 2019 @ 9:45 AM
Every personal finance blogger and authors have been expounding on the virtues of passive investing. What is passive investing and why does everyone think it’s the bee’s knees? More importantly – is it really right for you? History of Passive Investing Passive investing was pioneered and advocated for by the legendary Jack Bogle.  Jack Bogle … Continue reading "Passive Investing: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?" The post Passive Investing: Best Thing ...
Posted: May 26 2019 @ 9:45 AM
Lately, I’ve been helping a friend prepare for a lay-off.   Her company has given her a couple of months’ warning, so preemptive steps can be taken. This has gotten me to seriously think about what steps I would take in order to prepare for a lay-off myself. Concerning the company What kind of severance The … Continue reading "How to Prepare for a Lay-off" The post How to Prepare for a ...
Posted: May 19 2019 @ 9:51 AM


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