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How quickly can a person without a six-figure salary reach financial independence? Five years? Ten? Evan Roberts reached it in two. I’ve never met Evan in person, but by sheer coincidence, he grew up in the same working-class suburb of Baltimore that I did. Even stranger, he spent most of his adult life living in the […] The post Get rich with rentals – this guy reached financial independence in two years ...
Posted: May 23 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Trust me, I get it. Healthcare can be super expensive. A major medical procedure can literally ruin people. Wipe you completely out, and that totally sucks. Knowing how hard a health crisis could punch us squarely in the face, why do we seem so cavalier about the whole thing? First, let’s get one thing straight: […] The post Why we’re risking a healthcare disaster in early retirement appeared first on Think ...
Posted: May 21 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Think you’re well-versed in the ways and means of early retirement buzzwords, acronyms, and downright annoying verbiage? Let’s see.  Spend enough time hanging around us personal financiers and you’re bound to be exposed to a wide variety of terms and acronyms that many of us simply take for granted. A lot of them are well-known, […] The post Early retirement buzzwords and acronyms you must know appeared first on Think Save ...
Posted: May 16 2018 @ 7:00 AM
It almost seems surreal. My wife and I have been living on the road in our little 200 square foot Airstream for over two years. We’ve traveled up and down the western half of the United States, and in that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about full-time travel.  Traveling can be fun, but […] The post Living on the road: Nine lessons learned from full-time travel appeared first on ...
Posted: May 14 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Okay, I’m about to show you a technique that might scare you – calculating everything that you’ve spent on Amazon.com. Amazon, as most of us know, makes it incredibly easy to part with our money. They probably single-handedly keep UPS in business, too. If you’re as curious as I was about how much you’ve spent […] The post How to calculate your total Amazon spending appeared first on Think Save Retire. ...
Posted: May 12 2018 @ 7:05 AM
A couple weeks ago, I asked on Twitter about what it’s like to write a book. How much time does it take? Does it completely take over your life? Does it actually pay off? I wanted some folks to drop some knowledge on me.  Not many people know that I was offered a book deal […] The post I am that early retiree who travels the country appeared first on Think ...
Posted: May 11 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Depending on who you ask, I’ll probably die young because I retired early. If you’re a data-oriented person, you’re probably familiar with the array of studies that supposedly prove that early retirees are statistically more likely to die early. The Huffington Post said that early retirement might be the kiss of death. A study published […] The post I’ll probably die young because I retired early; or, maybe I won’t? appeared ...
Posted: May 09 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Over the years, I have become more and more convinced that life is nothing but a mind game, and those of us who understand that game and play within its simple boundaries often do the best in life. Its players are more likely to achieve their goals than those who sit on the sidelines and […] The post How to learn anything – fast and easy appeared first on Think Save ...
Posted: May 07 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Speakers speak about it. Writers write about it. Bloggers blog about it. Tips and tricks to getting out of debt are all over the place, but yet, people are still in debt. In total, the relentless pool of consumer debt has squeaked past $1.3 trillion.  Okay, WTF? The NASDAQ says that debt is enslaving the […] The post With all we know about debt, why are so many people still in ...
Posted: May 02 2018 @ 7:05 AM
Sometimes, the stuff that people say about early retirement (and early retirees) is pretty f’ed up. It is assumed that early retirement is the end of productive life and that unless we’re swimming in millions in cold hard cash, Early Retirement will eat us alive. Today, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to debunk […] The post Debunking the top 5 myths of early retirement appeared first on Think Save ...
Posted: Apr 30 2018 @ 7:05 AM


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