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minimalism, hawaii, leverage, real estate, syndication, turnkey rentals
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Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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I would say this is a bad report because it’s not Prescriptive. It is very important to have a chat with your inspector so they know it’s not going to be a warm and fuzzy home to live in but a rental property. They will need to avoid citing nitpicky things because the seller is… The post Sample Inspection report appeared first on Simple Passive Cashflow. ...
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I did some research on this new Opportunity Fund Zone tax benefits. Below are some notes and ideas. Note: I’m not a CPA or attorney just putting it out there to help inspire some ideas. An Opportunity zone (OZ) is a tax-favored investment for people with capital gains. 6-pages in the tax document in the new 2017… The post Opportunity Fund Zone appeared first on Simple Passive Cashflow. ...
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