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Latest Blog Posts

I wrote my first post on the 25th of September 2018, which makes today my blogs first birthday (I also started to get those domain renewal reminders a few weeks ago). Much like real babies, it takes some work before they actually come out – so obviously the blog started way before that – but I figure it’s fair to consider the day of the first post, as the “official ...
Posted: Sep 25 2019 @ 3:05 AM
Welcome to my Monthly update #12. The 1-year anniversary month of the Total Balance blog has arrived! I wrote my first post on totalbalance.blog on the 25th of September 2018! So, I will save the birthday celebrations for another 25 days (give or take). This is a monthly update, so let’s focus on the month of August, for now? 😉 Astute followers will probably have noticed that it’s been a ...
Posted: Sep 04 2019 @ 3:32 PM
According to a study, recently conducted by the independent danish bank advisor mybanker.dk, only 48% of the danish population is a customer in more than one bank. Historically, the danish bank customers are very loyal too. 60% of them have been a customer in their current bank, for more than 10 years. It probably comes as no surprise to my readers that I’m not part of those 60%. I have accounts ...
Posted: Aug 31 2019 @ 7:51 AM
That’s right. You heard it here first (not really), people! The main trait you really need to become a decent investor, is time and consistency. We’ve all heard (or read) the term “Time in the market beats timing the market”. I’m not a big fan of this saying to be honest, but I understand the message that it’s supposed to convey; If you have money that you are willing to ...
Posted: Aug 26 2019 @ 4:35 PM
I know what you’re thinking; WTF is a Stooze!? I’d never heard the term before either, until I started researching a nifty little trick (that I’ve been using for a while), in order to deploy “free leverage” that I used to purchase Property #1. It turned out that the little trick had a name: Stoozing. So, what is Stoozing then, Nick? Stoozing: The act of taking out credit at 0% ...
Posted: Aug 17 2019 @ 10:11 AM
Another month has blown by, and it’s thus time for another riveting update from yours truly. My trusty mascot, Russel the LEGO guy has unfortunately gone AWOL. My daughter claims she doesn’t know anything about it, but it’s quite obvious who’s to blame for his vanishing (unless CatZilla ate him…)! Anyway, I’ve brought on his substitute, Olaf instead! (Who’s naturally taking the opportunity to do a bit of sunbathing!) To ...
Posted: Aug 05 2019 @ 4:02 PM
I’m going to be the devils advocate today, and explain why I think you shouldn’t invest like I do. It might be a bit counter-productive, but I think it’s important to own your investment strategy, and in order to truly do that, you need to explore alternative options. My (current) strategy is based on two elements: Predictability Accountability I (currently) have a set goal to reach a certain amount of ...
Posted: Jul 28 2019 @ 7:55 AM
Last month, The Saving Ninja proposed a thought experiment, which he does every other month. I’ve participated in his thought experiment series one time before, and then I kind of got sidetracked, so I haven’t contributed to the series since. This months (last months) topic however, really got me thinking. I know that you’re supposed to post your “answer” to the thought experiment on the same day (the 15th), so ...
Posted: Jul 14 2019 @ 3:49 PM
June has flown by, and it’s thus time to look back at another record-breaking month. – Not in terms of my finances though, but the heat is breaking all sorts of records, frying the Europeans to a crisp these days! It’s been so hot (even in Denmark) that my faithful buddy, Russel the LEGO mascot, has moved out of his green garden, and into the Frozen castle! (I cannot take ...
Posted: Jul 02 2019 @ 4:54 PM
Faithful followers of the Total Balance blog will know that I mainly invest in properties. I recently sunk the better part of my nest egg into a single property. It is not uncommon in the FI community to invest in properties, but most FI bloggers that I follow, tend to be more invested in stocks and bonds (and crowdlending). The reason to favor stocks, over any other asset class is ...
Posted: Jun 28 2019 @ 4:53 AM


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