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There are plenty of examples of people out there with a side-hustle. Everybody thinks it’s great to have one and it seems that most people do not regret starting one (or at least so they claim). The stories are also enticing. If you listen to everybody, a side hustle can bring you in hundreds of […] The post What are the benefits of starting a side hustle? appeared first on The ...
Posted: Nov 11 2018 @ 2:04 PM
Shopping for an engagement ring feels a bit surreal. It is one thing to think about marrying your partner and thinking how lucky you are. It is a very different story to ask for permission from his or her parents and take concrete steps to prepare the perfect proposal. I vividly remember my proposal to […] The post How much should you spend on the perfect engagement ring? ($50,000 is ok) ...
Posted: Nov 07 2018 @ 8:43 PM
This article is continuously updated this week as details emerge on the latest Budget announcements.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, delivered the 2018 Budget to the House of Commons. Most measures in the 2018 Budget will enter into force on 6 April 2019, which will mark the beginning of the new fiscal year. […] The post How the 2018 Budget affects your personal finances and your business appeared first ...
Posted: Oct 31 2018 @ 12:44 PM
Last weekend was my law school reunion weekend in Washington, DC. It’s incredible to see how much people have achieved in five years. It is also crazy to see how very little has changed. Some left the legal profession and other stayed, relationships strengthened or fell apart, and overall people look quite good.   We […] The post Student loans are a scary ticking time bomb appeared first on The English ...
Posted: Oct 26 2018 @ 8:28 PM
A few months ago, I moved out of my old apartment. Moving is stressful for everyone. Packing, finding a new place, moving boxes, unpacking, sorting and decorating are all necessary steps. Retrieving your deposit is, however, one of the most important steps. Unfortunately, what should be a simple task too often turns out to be […] ...
Posted: Oct 17 2018 @ 6:44 PM
For the first time in months, US equities almost went into full correction mode. While valuations are still very high, many portfolios will have felt the pain. That’s because most portfolios will follow a common asset allocation strategy split between equities and bonds. Equities are viewed as the riskier assets but also the more rewarding […] ...
Posted: Oct 14 2018 @ 7:19 PM
Asset allocation refers to a strategy that aims at creating diversification within a portfolio in order to balance risks. By dividing assets across certain categories such as stocks, real estate or bonds, you are reducing your risk exposure to a single asset. Each asset has a different level of risk and returns, which means that […] ...
Posted: Oct 10 2018 @ 5:21 PM
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently released a few interesting figures on the financial situations of 18- to 29-year-olds in the UK. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. After all, I also was once 26 in London. Yet, I was quite shocked at what I read. Financial stability is far from a given for […] ...
Posted: Oct 06 2018 @ 1:37 PM
There is a lot of advice on the importance of saving. Saving is critical because it allows you to invest. However, not all savings will go towards investments. Sometimes, you need savings to sit in a cash account to build a deposit or set up an Emergency Fund. Little advice is however given on how […] ...
Posted: Oct 04 2018 @ 3:53 PM
For some time, I resisted publishing a blog post on whether one should have an Emergency Fund (or Emergency Savings). First, many blog posts had already touched on that topic. Second, it took me a while to figure out where I stood in this debate. Until now.   The debate is usually framed in the […] ...
Posted: Oct 02 2018 @ 9:52 AM


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