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Every Buck Counts
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Make money, save money, budgeting, frugal living, retirement, debt, loan, credit cards, banking
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Valley Cottage, New York, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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The post 15+ Tidy Hacks to Save Money on Monthly Bills appeared first on EveryBuckCounts “Your income, before paying all your bills, is like a ponytail without any hair.” Someone very close to me said that. She said this after paying off all her bills and looking at her bank account—for she had no money to spare. Then she came to the conclusion that her income before paying all her […] The ...
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The post Leap Life Insurance Review: Life Insurance that Fits Every Pocket appeared first on EveryBuckCounts At least once in our lives, we’ve been troubled by the question “what’s the meaning of life?” There’s nothing wrong in questioning the unquestionable. We wake up every morning, drag our tired bodies out of bed, get ready for school/college/work, do our thing; come back home, socialize, eat and sleep. Pardon us for making life ...
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The post How to save $3000 a year: The A to Z of a Sustainable Savings Plan appeared first on EveryBuckCounts There are countless articles on the internet that advice you to Save Money as if it were some divine law which needs to be followed. However, seldom will you find a piece which takes things beyond the mere redundancy of wisdom and preaching of conservatism. This piece is different, at ...
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The post Discover the Truth about High Credit Utilization and Credit Scores appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Americans have many financial myths. Some have traces of truth while others are totally false. An all-time favorite myth is about feeling an itch on your palm, it’s supposed to indicate that some cash is headed your way. We all know that’s not true. But there are people who could swear that it’s true. Several ...
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The post Teaching English from the Comfort of your Home is Real- And It Pays appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Are the daily commutes to work wearing you off? Or perhaps getting a job that agrees with your schedule has become a daunting task. Worry no more, because EBC has your back. The internet has provided numerous ways for you to make money regardless of your location. Among this, is a growing ...
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The post 30 Ways to Save Money on Prom and be Trendy in 2019 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts On an average, a family spends $900 for prom, yup…. $900 (I know this amount will take a little time to sink in). But let’s focus on the good part: With the hacks that I’m about to share, your expenses are sure to drop down drastically. So, read on and plan about reducing ...
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The post Get Paid for Losing Weight: $10,000 are Up for Grabs! appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Don’t you just loathe over the thought of waking up in the morning, try a million clothes on, and realize that you cannot wear what you want because it’s too tight? God! A moment of towering rage and fury when you decide not to eat anything for next 45 days and drink all green tea ...
Posted: Mar 18 2019 @ 3:43 AM
The post Investing for Women: Fighting the Odds appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Patriarchy, a belief system where men assume the role of the head of the families. Scholars of Sociology will tell you that Patriarchy has been the default order for most societies of the world since time immemorial. Biased against Women is Institutionalized You will be stunned to know that women were not entitled to inherit […] The post Investing for ...
Posted: Mar 17 2019 @ 1:00 PM
The post The 5 Best Hotel Credit Cards of 2019 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts You know what’s the best part of a vacation (or a business trip, for that matter)? To chill in your hotel room while watching TV in your favorite pajamas. The place we stay at decides our mood for the rest of the trip. A hotel credit card is that miraculous piece of plastic that can […] The post ...
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