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Every Buck Counts
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Make money, save money, budgeting, frugal living, retirement, debt, loan, credit cards, banking
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Valley Cottage, New York, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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The post The Best Debt Payoff App for 2019 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Overspending and my pocketbook go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, my pocketbook hasn’t really been able to keep up with my expenditures, even though I often act like it does. It’s easy to neglectfully whip out the plastic to cover frequent trips to the mall. It’s also easy to turn a blind eye to the auto loan, student […] The post The ...
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The post The Lost Credit Card Survival Guide appeared first on EveryBuckCounts In 2018, Americans lost $ 0.9 billion through fraudulent card payments where the card was reported lost or stolen according to the statistics website statista. These figures are enough to send a chill down your spine whenever you reach out to your pocket (or purse) and discover that I lost my credit card. Despite the […] The post The Lost ...
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The post 10 Ways Celebrate Martin Luther King Day appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Get Out and Go Away is what we should ask from the Storm but instead let’s do the possible and literally storm out for this 21st Jan, Martin Luther King Day. This day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January and instead of getting just 1 we get 3 days off!! So if you […] The post 10 ...
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The post You can Make Money Buying and Selling Books. Here’s How to Do It appeared first on EveryBuckCounts If you have had the displeasure of shopping for textbooks then you will know how pricey they are. As much as $150 dollars and more depending on the subject. I am not lying. And not just textbooks. Novels and nonfiction books among other genres too are expensive. But there is a silver ...
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The post Life Beyond the Financial Pit: Are Credit Repair Companies Worth the Salt? appeared first on EveryBuckCounts When it comes to recovering from financial pits, U.S. President Donald Trump takes the ultimate prize. After four different bankruptcy filings, the most recent being in 2009, and selling off major businesses in order to cover the debts and get his credit back in shape, President Trump easily takes the pole position on ...
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The post Wondering How to Move Out Without Breaking Bank? Here is How to Do It appeared first on EveryBuckCounts The excitement of finally moving out on your own is immeasurable. You finally get to get your own furniture, décor and live by your own rules. Or maybe you want to live in a different neighborhood. A bigger house, a better balcony with a view of the city or a backyard ...
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The post Top 10 Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2019 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts On an average, every American citizen holds more than two credit cards in his/her wallet. That pretty much explains why the whole US of A is $1 trillion in credit card debt. The problem with keeping multiple credit cards at a single time is that you have multiple debts to pay- and multiple debts mean […] The post ...
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The post Thinking of Adding Someone to your Deed? Here is What you Should Know appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Let’s see… You have a property. You are thinking maybe it is the high time you shared ownership with your loved ones. Maybe your spouse, your children or even a relative. Where do you start? What is the procedure? What are the consequences? Bottom line is “what is the nitty gritty of ...
Posted: Jan 13 2019 @ 11:00 AM
The post The World’s Worst Tax Filing Advice appeared first on EveryBuckCounts The big day for filing tax returns for the year 2018 is April 15, 2019. There are less than 100 days left for you to get your paperwork in order and file that electronic report. If anyone encourages you to procrastinate or not file your taxes on time, that’s the worst advice you’ll ever get […] The post The World’s ...
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