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Valley Cottage, New York, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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The post Why the Ghost of Christmas Past – Debt – Doesn’t Haunt Millennials appeared first on EveryBuckCounts In late 2017 credible conducted a survey on Christmas spending and the results were nothing short of startling. The study results indicated that contrary to the expectation that despite the seemingly inevitable train wreck credit card debt after the holidays, millennials had no intention of limiting their spend. In fact, young Americans had every ...
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The post 10 Merry Ways to Make Extra Money during Holidays appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Listen closely, can you hear it? It’s the Sweet Symphony of Christmas; the blessed day will be upon us real soon! Welcome to the Holiday season- that miraculous time when sweet warmth of love fuels our undying festive spirit. While families get busy shopping for Christmas and stores try their best to fulfill customers’ demand, […] The ...
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The post How to Improve Your Credit Score by this Christmas appeared first on EveryBuckCounts The season to be jolly is fast approaching, but, you have cause to worry. It may not be as jolly as you wish it to be because your credit score has been a train wreck for the last couple of months. Despite several efforts to get it back on track, it seems impossible to move […] The ...
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The post 15 Christmas gift ideas for coworkers under $10 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts It’s holiday time! We’re in the month of December and Christmas spirit has spared nobody- From schools to local shops and most importantly, the workplace. Everyone is Xmas-struck, and your compatriots at work expect gifts every time they wish you. When it comes to office Christmas parties-They’re all about stuffing eggnogs, jingles, apple pies, and […] The post ...
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The post Credit Card Mistakes You Must Avoid this Christmas Season appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy bustling and preparing for the season to be jolly. Whereas getting caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season is fun, it’s crucial to look ahead and plan for the New Year. No one wants to ‘wake up’ with a terrible debt hangover after […] The ...
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The post The 5 Best Christmas Loans For Bad Credit appeared first on EveryBuckCounts Have you decided that a personal loan is the best way to finance your holiday needs? If no, go ahead and weigh the options first. If yes, well, there might be one more hinderance- your bad credit record. How unfortunate can that be? Well, it is pretty unfortunate. Good news though, Santa is willing to […] The post ...
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