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Every Buck Counts
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Valley Cottage, New York, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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The post Here’s How I Travel On a Shoestring Budget appeared first on EveryBuckCounts I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like the cost of travel has skyrocketed over the past few years. Every time a city wants to raise some money to balance their budget or pay for some new initiative, it seems like they decide to just add another surcharge to restaurant purchases or […] The post ...
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The post 10 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Less Than $20 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts June 16 is Father’s Day. To help you make that day more memorable, we’ve created a list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for under $20. Although inexpensive, the Father’s Day gift ideas we listed are thoughtful and will be appreciated. If you’re like me, you probably underappreciated your dad in your younger ...
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The post Should You Rent or Buy a House? Here’s the Answer! appeared first on EveryBuckCounts To rent a house or to buy one—is the decision tearing you apart? When it comes to having a roof on our head, we’re left with two choices. Either we can rent a house or we can buy it to make it our own. The common answer to the question “should I rent or buy ...
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The post Want to Earn Passive Income? 20 Best Money Making Apps That Will Pay You in 2019 appeared first on EveryBuckCounts You spend a lot of money on your smartphone every month — don’t you think it’s time it earned some money for you? And we don’t mean facilitating business calls. But how, you ask… With money-making apps. If you’re out of work, you’re not going to net as much ...
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The post Introducing 8 Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire appeared first on EveryBuckCounts We get it, you don’t want to just copy the habits of rich people, you want to live like a rich person. We know — you want to be a billionaire, so f*****g bad, buy all of the things you never had. We do too. But you can’t do it just sitting there, you have […] The post ...
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