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Money for the modern girl
Early Retirement
financial independence, personal finance for families, financial freedom
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London, London, United Kingdom
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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A few days ago I went to a London FI meetup – as usual it was a breath of fresh air for me! Meeting like-minded people, talking openly about financial independence, and exchanging ideas in a positive atmosphere is invaluable, especially as most of us FIRE seeks tend to  keep this interest a secret. Frugality … Continue reading "New year, time for the London FI January meetup" The post New year, ...
Posted: Jan 12 2020 @ 4:16 AM
As the old year was coming to an end a few weeks ago, once again I realised just how tired I was. Why do I always get to the end of the year exhausted? All the very good reasons I can think of taste like sweet and sour excuses… yet it happens regularly. Thinking this … Continue reading "On creating a better version of me in 2020" The post On creating ...
Posted: Jan 05 2020 @ 2:47 PM
In recent years I have put on weight, one pound at a time, and somehow – with the significant exception if having my daughter – I am not quite sure how and when. It just happened. Metabolism slows down with age, tried a few diets which didn’t work, blah blah blah…  There is no dancing … Continue reading "How I lost 5 kilos (11 pounds) in 3 months while having ...
Posted: Nov 18 2019 @ 3:26 AM
Here is my confession. I made a huge mistake managing my pension in the past. Why? In the course of the years I changed jobs frequently – sometimes it was my choice, thrice I was made redundant – and every single employer I had, was with a different pension provider. One even changed the provider … Continue reading "How not to lose hundreds (or thousands) with your pension" The post How ...
Posted: Oct 27 2019 @ 3:00 AM
Some time ago my energy provider sent me an email reminder to take my meter reading, which I diligently did. As I stood in front of these strange boxes showing me some numbers, I had a flashback to my childhood when a man would come knocking at our door every month to do the same … Continue reading "The future of work" The post The future of work appeared first on ...
Posted: Oct 15 2019 @ 3:30 AM
In recent months I’ve had a closer look at our home energy bill, and through work I gained some valuable insights into the energy providers’ industry. Here is what I learnt and what you should keep in mind when aiming for the best energy deal. Rule #1: don’t be stupid, don’t waste it! When our … Continue reading "How to get the best energy deal – price comparison websites, auto-switching ...
Posted: Oct 02 2019 @ 1:45 AM
At various points in time I noticed that people underestimate me. I would come to the realisation in what appeared to be harmless conversations, but the result was that people – normally people who don’t know me well – see a very different person when looking at me.  Years ago I told a then colleague … Continue reading "Why do people underestimate others?" The post Why do people underestimate others? appeared ...
Posted: Sep 15 2019 @ 2:52 AM
The greatest fear of any investor is to lose a lot of money, if not even all. It is one of the reasons why some people put off investing, or invest at lousy rate well below inflation, missing out on great income opportunities. And it is why so many people prefer to invest in housing … Continue reading "The role of trust in investing" The post The role of trust in ...
Posted: Aug 25 2019 @ 2:03 PM
Libraries. Does anyone not like libraries? They often are in beautiful buildings with some trees around them and generally they inspire us as a source of knowledge and peaceful power. My toddler loves our local library and we regularly go there. The children’s section is magnificent! Recently refurbished to include secret seatings, kids tables and … Continue reading "Let’s fill our libraries with personal finance books! #donateindependence" The post Let’s fill ...
Posted: Aug 03 2019 @ 5:41 AM
A secret identity is a person’s alter ego which is not known to the general populace, most often used in fiction. – Wikipedia This blog, like most others focusing on the topic not only of Financial Independence but also of Retire Early (FIRE), are anonymous. I talk about my life, my family, my past and … Continue reading "My secret identity" The post My secret identity appeared first on Money For ...
Posted: Jul 11 2019 @ 6:07 PM


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