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Budgeting, investing, personal finance tips
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Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
African American
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
Pulmonary critical care physician
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Miriam is a self-appointed wealth advocate and has been studying personal finance since 2007. Miriam grew up in the Washington DC metropolitan area and has been working in the financial services and lending industry for over a decade. She went from saving $1 a day to $50 a month to over $13,333 a year!  She also walks us through how she got $50,000 debt monkey off her back. The post How I Got ...
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I get this question constantly, whether to invest pretax vs after tax. Obviously, the answer is to do both if you can. However, some want to really nail it down to which one to invest in first or prioritize. This is important if funds are limited for example, while in training.  Benjamin Franklin said, Nothing […] The post Pretax vs After Tax Investment – Which Is Better? appeared first on Dr. ...
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