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Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom
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I generally subscribe to the Simple Path to Wealth. My strategy is generally equity based, with the highest likely return over time. The over time being crucial, it is no where near as consistent in terms of cash flow. In… Read More→ The post Building a Property Portfolio in South Africa – Personal Tax, Endowment or PTY? appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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I started this blog with the intention of explaining why an RA isn’t for me. I’ve been sceptical that an RA with it’s constraints is advantageous to anyone who is a disciplined investor. So, I built a model to prove… Read More→ The post Retirement Annuity or Offshore? – Why an RA isn’t for me on my journey to FIRE (in South Africa) appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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If you find Easy Equities too limited in it’s options and Interactive Brokers way too complicated – then eToro could be just what you are looking for. Normally I would do a review of the registration process with screenshots and… Read More→ The post eToro – Is this the Cheapest Option for South Africans to Invest Offshore? – With zero caveats appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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Sign up link to Interactive Broker (If you decide to sign-up, please use my referral link to support this blog and my journey)  I’ll start with the two key caveats, to save you time. You need to be able to declare… Read More→ The post Interactive Brokers – The world’s best online broker – is now available to South Africans – With two key caveats appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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I stopped drinking 439 days ago. I have an app that tracks it. It was useful to remember “my why” in the early days of breaking that happiness debt cycle. – “Too many wasted days to hangovers. Feeling down, losers.… Read More→ The post Spending tomorrow’s happiness appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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To save some time, for those looking for the next 10x investment and/or how to be rich by Friday, this post isn’t going to help you. It’s been almost 12 months since I last wrote in my Project Fire 40… Read More→ The post Investing Strategically – So many Opportunities in this time of Crisis appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
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We knew a potential flood was coming, so we put up the flood gates to buy preparation time. But the water is still there, behind the gates which can’t hold forever. We also can’t open them completely, as all we… Read More→ The post Corona Virus: A Considered Response Needed for South Africa appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
Posted: Apr 10 2020 @ 8:05 AM
An emergency fund is between 1-6 months of expenses, in a readily accessible non-volatile account, like a high interest savings account. It is for those rainy days and guess what, it’s raining. If you don’t have an emergency fund, I… Read More→ The post No Emergency Fund in this Emergency – Didn’t earn enough or spent too much? appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
Posted: Apr 05 2020 @ 6:23 AM
With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis escalating and the FTSE 100 experiencing its worst day of trading in 30 years, pensions specialists are encouraging the general public, or anyone with a personal pension, to seek professional advice from a regulated independent… Read More→ The post Is now the time to consult a Pensions Specialist? – According to Chris Leavy of Hilltop Finance it is appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
Posted: Mar 21 2020 @ 7:25 AM
Imagine you are driving down the road. Some idiot overtakes you in the next lane, you can see that maintenance has not been done on his 1980s sports car, and unbeknown to you, the mechanic who was meant to repair… Read More→ The post Doing my bit to avoid load shedding in South Africa – The #3Switch Electricity Saving Challenge appeared first on Reaching Aspiration. ...
Posted: Mar 15 2020 @ 9:59 AM


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