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Arlington, TX, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
UX Designer
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Most moms around the world feel like they are being pulled in several different directions at the same time. Whether it’s their children, monthly bills, or work, all these things can get overwhelming in a short period. This is why moms need to take baby steps. But how can they slow down in a fast-pacedContinue Reading The post 5 Best Tips for Stressed Out Moms Who are Crazy-Busy appeared first on ...
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I love featuring women from all stages of business growth as inspiring mompreneurs. Traci Weinhart is still growing her business, but you can learn so much from this mompreneur. Several moms haven’t even gotten started with their business, so Traci is sure to inspire.  Tell me a little bit about yourself. My name is Traci,Continue Reading The post Traci Weinhart: Inspiring Mompreneur of May appeared first on Mom Beach. ...
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Vacations are one of the best ways to relax the mind after several months of waking up early and getting back home late. It practically puts the brain at rest while at the same time releasing hormones associated with fun to provide excitement. During the few weeks that individuals have to travel, they’d choose theContinue Reading The post Best 7 Ways to Save Money When Traveling with Family appeared first on ...
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“This is a man’s world.” We have all heard this phrase more than one time. No matter who said it, it probably made a lot of questions that arise in women’s heads. Is it so? Is it a world only for men? At first, it may seem to. There are a lot of sectors thatContinue Reading The post Gender Equality in Entrepreneurship: What You Need to Know Now! appeared first on ...
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Packing in your day job and putting everything into a home business can come with tremendous advantages. It’s more accessible, fits within your schedule, and when you have a bright idea, you can head into the home office, get into work mode, and let your inspiration flow. This type of business might be more convenient,Continue Reading The post 5 Home Businesses For Moms to Involve Their Kids In appeared first on ...
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Running a business and being a mom is never easy, but when you try to do both simultaneously, it can be even more challenging. Luckily, most moms already have the crucial skills needed to succeed in the business world: working well under pressure, time-management, and, most of all, creativity and ingenuity. Increasingly, women around theContinue Reading The post Top 10 Tips on Work-Life Balance for Mompreneurs to Succeed appeared first on ...
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Is it even possible to stay productive and perform at the highest level while your kids are home? Well, it’s possible. But it’s incredibly challenging even for the most experienced moms. Kids require all of our time and energy – they just can’t get enough of us. And it’s so difficult to focus on multipleContinue Reading The post 13 Best Tips for How to Be More Productive With Kids at Home ...
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Is getting into the Mediavine ad network one of your goals? Has Mediavine rejected you? Mediavine can be tough to get into because there are specific requirements such as needing 25,000 sessions, not page views. The traffic must be diverse and not simply come from one or two viral pins. Here are 7 tips onContinue Reading The post 7 Tips on How to Get Your Blog Into Mediavine and Make Lots ...
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Scavenging for seashells has been a classic beach day activity for generations. Whether you’re taking a family vacation or live in a beach town, seashell hunting is a fun activity for the whole family. This article also contains free printables on seashell activities for kids. The free seashell printables can be found at the bottomContinue Reading The post Seashell Activities for Kids – Free Seashell Activity Printables appeared first on Mom ...
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Almost half of the average family’s budget remains in supermarkets, markets, and grocery stores near the house. How to leave a supermarket with money in your wallet? How to learn to save on products without denying yourself in a healthy diet. Sometimes it seems impossible, but still, there are several thrifty ways to save onContinue Reading The post 13 Best Hacks for Healthy Grocery Budgeting – Save tons of money! appeared ...
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