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A Simple Life
FIRE, saving money, simple living
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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If you’re like me you’ve probably been reading lots of posts about setting goals. It’s that time of year when everyone in the personal development world seems to sit down and make long lists of all the great things they are going to do over the next year. So, have you made your list or … Continue reading "The Easier Way to Set Goals" The post The Easier Way to Set ...
Posted: Jan 12 2020 @ 5:53 PM
Well Christmas is finally over and life will soon be getting back to normal – hooray! I’m sorry to be a bit baa humbug, but I am not a lover of Christmas. I think that there are a lot of expectations placed on us about spending money, attending events and eating platefuls of stodge. Although … Continue reading "December Review" The post December Review appeared first on A Simple Life. ...
Posted: Jan 01 2020 @ 5:27 PM
Do you want more time with your family or to fit in that yoga class you keep promising yourself that you’ll join, but you’re always too tired by the end of the day? How does your average day go? Maybe you’re looking at your emails on your phone as soon as you wake – reaching … Continue reading "The Benefits of Discovering ‘Deep Work’" The post The Benefits of Discovering ‘Deep ...
Posted: Dec 18 2019 @ 6:19 PM
I am really excited to let you know that I have had the honour of writing a post for Latestarterfire in her series about people who find the FI/RE movement late in life. it tells you about how I discovered financial independence and started on this journey, along with the progress that I have made … Continue reading "Late Starter to FI" The post Late Starter to FI appeared first on ...
Posted: Dec 11 2019 @ 5:10 PM
It’s been just over a year since I discovered the FIRE movement and fell down the rabbit-hole of endless blogs and podcasts all talking about financial independence. I watched the documentary ‘Playing with FIRE’ last night and found it so inspirational. It was thanks to an email from Monethalia, letting me know that it is … Continue reading "Financial Goals for 2020" The post Financial Goals for 2020 appeared first on ...
Posted: Dec 08 2019 @ 5:26 PM
Welcome to the penultimate review of the year. Another chance to see my progress on paying off the mortgage and whether I’ve overspent or underspent on each of the budget categories. I love to see real numbers rather than percentages on other blogs, as I believe that it gives a true picture of someone’s financial … Continue reading "November Review" The post November Review appeared first on A Simple Life. ...
Posted: Dec 01 2019 @ 4:55 PM
Get your life organised Do you want life to be easier next year? Want to feel on top of your task list? How about learning to meal plan? Want to keep track of the cash that keeps disappearing from your purse? Would you like to have one place for all of this? A place which … Continue reading "The Bullet Journal" The post The Bullet Journal appeared first on A Simple ...
Posted: Nov 23 2019 @ 2:13 PM
Christmas is fast approaching – that time of year when it is expected that you spend money you haven’t got to buy gifts that other people don’t need or want. I can hear the booing and calls of ‘Baa Humbug!’, but I honestly believe that this is true. I am not a religious person, but … Continue reading "Ideas to Save Time and Money at Christmas" The post Ideas to Save ...
Posted: Nov 20 2019 @ 6:25 PM
It has been over a year since I discovered the financial independence/retire early movement. I have listened to so many podcasts and read hundreds of blog posts in that time. It has helped me to become familiar with many of the principles of FI/RE and for those of you new to this concept I want … Continue reading "Financial Independence – Lessons Learnt Over the Past Year" The post Financial Independence ...
Posted: Nov 16 2019 @ 2:38 PM
I get fed up of reading blog posts where people say they don’t budget or they don’t need a budget. It makes me mad! You may be one of those people that finds the thought of having a budget rather boring, but it’s essential. If anyone tells you that you don’t need a budget they … Continue reading "Why You Really Need a Budget" The post Why You Really Need a ...
Posted: Nov 11 2019 @ 4:51 PM


"This is one of the best, most informative personal finance web sites I've ever seen"

-- Daffy Duck, DaffyIsSoTaffy.com

"This guy clearly knows his shit; with every post, I feel like he's got my back as one of those "savers", and his web site is pretty damn cool, too"

-- Scuba Steve, MyScubaGearIsSoWet.com

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