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Joy. The holidays. An empty nest. It doesn’t seem like those concepts go together at this stage in our lives does it?  If you’ve ever seen the movie Christmas with the Kranks, then you have some idea of what new empty nesters are capable of doing at the holidays. For some of us, this festive season, … Christmas With the Kranks: What Happens Your First Holiday Alone Read More » The ...
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When we finally got to the point that we were ready to create a budget and pay off our debt, one of our first Google searches was:  How to pay off debt fast!  The results disappointed us a bit because a majority of the articles were about Dave Ramsey’s budget plan. Article after article referred … How to Pay Off Debt Quickly with Dave Ramsey Read More » The post ...
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Gratitude, you hear about it everywhere these days.  So, how do you practice gratitude? Is it an attitude of gratitude? Or just be grateful for what you have?  Or simply give thanks? Indeed these are fantastic things to do. We should be grateful for what we have in our lives, and we are living in … How to Practice Gratitude With Ease – 2020 Read More » The post How ...
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Here at I Love Your Laugh, we know that love and laughter go hand in hand. This quote collection is all about this perfect union. Each quote celebrates the beauty that life provides all of us. A laugh chases away a tear, overcomes fear, and makes you feel brave. Be brave and fearless today. Enjoy … The Best Love and Laughter Quotes by I Love Your Laugh Read More ...
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