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Arlington, Virginia, United States
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My resolution for 2018 is to live a better life. Bam. Nailed it. But also, how do I do that' Well for one, try adding bourbon to your normal routines. (I’m doing that now!) That is the question (how to live a better life, not how to drink bourbon) I have spent the last month … Continue reading "How to Live a Better Life" The post How to Live a Better ...
Posted: Jan 02 2018 @ 11:45 AM
I’ve been writing here for a year and a half. While I missed my initial goal of posting twice a week every week, I have published over 100 articles. But upon reflection recently I found a problem. How can I teach others to optimize their lives if I am not optimizing my own' I am … Continue reading "Stepping Off the Path of Least Resistance" The post Stepping Off the Path ...
Posted: Nov 28 2017 @ 8:08 PM
Welcome to the last in a series of articles discussing how I choose to invest. First, we explored the different investment accounts that I utilize. Then we went into the funds that I invest in. Today we’ll be exploring the timing of my investments. But first, we need to get into a debate on investment … Continue reading "How I Invest – Timing" The post How I Invest – Timing appeared ...
Posted: Nov 21 2017 @ 4:58 PM
Way back in the glory days of October I started laying out a description of how I invest. Previously, we looked at the different accounts that I use – the buckets that hold my investments. Now it’s time to look at the investments themselves. What you’ll find is that I don’t follow the traditional advice … Continue reading "How I Invest – Investments" The post How I Invest – Investments appeared ...
Posted: Nov 09 2017 @ 4:58 PM
I recently travelled out to Dallas for FinCon. FinCon is an annual gathering of folks that write and podcast about money. It’s four days of panels, talks, workshops, networking, and parties. It was a lot of fun. I met some Internet friends in real life for the first time and I made a bunch of … Continue reading "FinCon and a New Direction" The post FinCon and a New Direction appeared ...
Posted: Nov 07 2017 @ 5:00 PM
I want to share with you all how I choose to invest. In order to do that, we first need to get back to basics. Today I want to start with the accounts that I use. Your investment accounts are basically the buckets in which you hold your investments. This sounds like it should be … Continue reading "How I Invest – Accounts" The post How I Invest – Accounts appeared ...
Posted: Oct 24 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Stoicism has gotten a bad rap. These days, when people think “stoic,” they think “emotionless.” “Indifferent to pleasure and pain” is now literally a definition of the word “stoic.” That’s not what the Stoics were going for. For the Stoics, the goal is not to avoid all emotion. It is to minimize negative emotion. I … Continue reading "How to Control (and Minimize) Negative Emotions" The post How to Control (and ...
Posted: Oct 12 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Gretchen Rubin wrote a book on forming habits called Better Than Before. There are a few other good books on habits (I recommend Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit), but Rubin’s big innovation was identifying different personality types. Some habit-building techniques work for some people, but there are very few universal approaches that work for … Continue reading "Why You Should Ask Why" The post Why You Should Ask Why appeared ...
Posted: Oct 05 2017 @ 3:00 PM
A lot of people in the personal finance space tune out politics and recommend that their readers do the same. I don’t agree with this approach. I follow politics closely and stay up to date on policy proposals and all sorts of nerdy wonkery. That said, when approaching topics for this blog, I make sure … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About the New Republican Tax Plan" The post ...
Posted: Oct 03 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Some articles have been making the rounds on Facebook about a new study on the effects of flu shots on pregnant women. The headlines are bold: Miscarriages Linked to Flu Vaccine Annual Flu Shots Linked to Increased Risk of Miscarriage Alarming Study Links Flu Shot with Early Miscarriage Could Flu Shots Lead to Miscarriage' What … Continue reading "When Clickbait Kills" The post When Clickbait Kills appeared first on Optimize Your ...
Posted: Sep 28 2017 @ 4:56 PM


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